That gained me thinking. When I understand that german languages have significantly influenced, so have the Latin and Celtic people (and various others come a better or lesser degree). Is it true that an ext than 50% the the vocabulary is obtained from germanic roots?

More generally, can someone suggest me come data top top this? i imagine attempts have actually been made come quantify the contribution of different languages come; what were the results? What percent of the language originates from each source?

Ideally i would favor to check out this to express in terms of % the words yet I am conscious that, at least to part linguists, attempting come quantify vocabulary is anathema (to give a simple reason, all language that allow number construction have an infinite vocabulary by definition), so different approaches to quantifying this are also welcome.

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Wikipedia has actually the adhering to pie chart mirroring the native origins:


It shows the break down as

Latin (including words used only in clinical / clinical / legal contexts) ≈ 29%French ≈ 29%Germanic ≈ 26%Greek ≈ 6%Others ≈ 10%

It cites some recommendations which back up these numbers but I don"t have access to those.

To answer her question, it does not show up to be true the 50% the words room Germanic. However, that most likely depends on what your context is. If you exclude scientific, medical, and legal, you will certainly probably discover a much reduced incidence the Latin words. Provided that is itself a germanic language, it"s much more surprising that germanic doesn"t account for an ext of the vocabulary.

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The question is: Is the language a german or romantic language, and also what criteria will certainly you use to recognize the answer? One might argue that the background of England is comparable to that of. The other five Romance language in that the Romans dominated France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and also Italy. The presence of the Romans in England it s long approx. 400 years. Then the French invaded and also they included many new words. The scientific change added also. Therefore, if the preponderance the the native are obtained from Latin and uses the over comments, the conclusion is: that is a romance language.

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