The contiguous United states (US) has 48 states, and thus excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

This short article looks at how plenty of states are along the eastern Coast and also how numerous states space along the West Coast.

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How plenty of States space Along the east Coast?

The east coast of the united state abuts the Atlantic Ocean. There room fourteen says which have coastal access come the Atlantic Ocean.

These states, in order from phibìc to south, are: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Photo: heath Schreppel, Cherokee nations Technologies, contract to the USGS. Public domain.

A fifteenth state deserve to be consisted of in consideration of the states along the eastern Coast. While not actually follow me the Atlantic coast Pennsylvannia’s coastline accessibility is listed by 57 miles (92km) of shoreline along the Delaware flow estuary.

Connecticut, situated on long Island Sound, also has no actual coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean.

While vermont is situated in the eastern part of the joined States, the does no have coastal access come the Atlantic.

The resources of the unified States, Washington D.C. Is part of the an ar known together the east Coast however is landlockedand is sandwiched in between Maryland and also Virginia.

East coastline States with seaside access to the Atlantic Ocean. Map created using QGIS with Natural earth GIS data.

How long are the shores of states Along the east Coast?

Measuring the length of a coastline is difficult due to the shore paradox.

Coastlines room not smooth lines. Decisions have to be made about how lot of the variation natural in shores to measure. As the conference Research service (CRS) notes, “Coastline measurements are more difficult because of the results of tides and the necessarily arbitrary decisions that have to be made about measuring bays, coves, islands, and inlets bring about streams and also rivers.”

Coastlines, choose this California see at Pescadero, show how complicated coastlines space with bluffs, rocks, and also curvature. Photo: Meaghan Faletti, USGS . Public domain.

The CRS measures coasts using huge scale nautical charts while NOAA procedures the size of coastlines based on measurements calculated in 1930-1940 and 1970 based upon the largest-scale charts and maps available at that time.

This table lists the total calculated mile (and kilometers) for the states that are along the Atlantic Coast based on measurements indigenous the CRS and also NOAA:

Florida1,350mi (2,170km)28,436mi (13,576km)2
North Carolina301mi (484km)73,375mi (5,432km)6
Maine228mi (367km)93,478mi (5,597km)4
Massachusetts192mi (309km)101,519mi (2,445km)16
South Carolina187mi (301km)112,876mi (4,628km)12
New Jersey130mi (210km)131,792mi (2,884km)15
New York127mi (204km)142,625mi (4,225km)13
Virginia112mi (180km)153,315mi (5,335km)8
Georgia100mi (160km)162,344mi (3,772km)14
Connecticut96mi (154km)17618mi (995km)21
Rhode Island40mi (64km)20384mi (618km)23
Maryland31mi (50km)213,190mi (5,130km)10
Delaware28mi (45km)22381mi (613km)24
New Hampshire13mi (21km)23131mi (211km)31

How countless States room Along the West Coast?

Oregon coastline at Cannon Beach. Photo: Steven Sobieszczyk, U.S. Geology Survey. Public domain

There space three states in the contiguous United claims that have coastline access to the Pacific Ocean: California, Oregon, and also Washington.

The state the Alaska and also the island state of Hawaii consist of the various other two states that are part of the an ar called the West coastline of the united States.

Map reflecting West coastline States with access to the Pacific Ocean. Map developed using QGIS with Natural planet GIS data.

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How lengthy are the coasts of says Along the West Coast?

This table list the complete calculated mile (and kilometers) for the says that are along the Pacific Coast based upon measurements native the CRS and NOAA:

Alaska6,640mi (10,690km)133,904mi (54,563km)1
California840mi (1,350km)33,427mi (5,515km)5
Hawaii750mi (1,210km)41,052mi (1,693km)18
Oregon296mi (476km)81,410mi (2,270km)17
Washington157mi (253km)123,026mi (4,870km)11

The State the Alaska has the longest coast by much of every the states.


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