Take a look in ~ the day for the next financial institution holiday in England and Wales, which falls on the Easter weekend.

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Hang in over there boys and girls... There's a little bit of wait till you get one more break. The next bank Holiday in England and Wales isn't due till the Easter weekend.

We may have actually just had actually the Christmas and new Year break you're more than likely all eager for an additional restful long weekend.

When is Easter this year?

Bunny ears at the ready, this year, Easter falls on Sunday, march 27, an interpretation Good Friday will fall on Friday, march 25.

Easter Sunday will certainly then be adhered to by the financial institution holiday Monday on march 28.

Why does Easter readjust every year?

Easter and the holidays regarded it, including Shrove Tuesday and Lent, space movable feasts because they execute not fall on the same date every year.

Because the date of Easter is determined by the lunar calendar the usually drops on the first Sunday after ~ the full moon top top or after ~ March 21. The adhering to day, Easter Monday, is a bank Holiday in the UK.

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Why perform we storage Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival celebrate the resurrection that Jesus Christ indigenous the dead, explained in the brand-new Testament as having happened 3 days after his crucifixion on great Friday.

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