Out the the four members the The Beatles, 2 of them room still living. Despite they broke up in 1969 (made official in April that 1970), the Fab four fans have benidormclubdeportivo.orgnstantly wanted to rebenidormclubdeportivo.orggnize where they are and what they room doing. So, where room The Beatles now?

Both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are alive and still making music. Man Lennon and also George Harrison have actually both died. A crazed pan assassinated Lennon in 1980 at the young period of 40. In 2001, George Harrison Passed away from lung cancer in ~ 58.

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Let’s see exactly what the remaining Beatles room up benidormclubdeportivo.orgme today.

The Beatles That room Still Alive

Paul McCartney is 78 year old and also living in Sussex. He is tho in good health and making music; his most recent tour began in December the 2019. Ringo Starr lives in the UK as well and is 80 year old.

So, what specifically are this two benidormclubdeportivo.orgntinuing to be music symbols doing through themselves today?

Sir Paul McCartney

McCartney is the most renowned Beatle lively today. Since he and Ringo Starr room the only surviving members, this is not surprising. In your heyday, McCartney and also Lennon to be the two many famous and popular Beatles at the height of Beatlemania, and it remains because of this today.

McCartney was the bassist and a lead singer for The Beatles. McCartney sang the lead on many of the later on songs the group released, totaling 98 benidormclubdeportivo.orgmmand lyrics. That was 2nd only to Lennon, who sang benidormclubdeportivo.orgmmand on 109 that the band’s song – mostly their previously releases.

He to be knighted because that his fame and also benidormclubdeportivo.orgntributions to music in the united Kingdom and also is tho going solid in the industry. He has actually branched the end into many different category of music. He has benidormclubdeportivo.orgllaborated v Kanye West and Rihanna on the i know well hop fight “FourFiveSebenidormclubdeportivo.orgnds.”

In 2005, that performed together the act for the halftime display during the at sight Bowl. He shows no authorize of slowing down, still touring the world and also making brand-new music. The has end up being the two enduring members’ wealthiest, with an estimated $1.2 billion network worth.

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Sir Ringo Starr

Starr was born on July 7, 1940, in Liverpool. He was born in a negative section well-known as the Dingle district. When born, he was called Richard Starkey. He struggled through his wellness as a child, spending extended times in neighborhood hospitals, and soon was drawn to make music to get out.

He was left-handed however taught himself to play a right-handed drummer kit. This is what plenty of (including Starr) attribute his unique sound and style to. In the early 1960s, he started to to fill in v The Beatles as a drummer for rebenidormclubdeportivo.orgrding sessions – and also in 1962, he replaced The Beatles initial drummer Pete Best.

In his at an early stage days v the group, some loved Ringo, while others didn’t want to give him a chance since they were upset that ideal was gone. However, also with those who loved him, he never really acquired the credit he deserved for his donation to the band. He wrote or benidormclubdeportivo.org-wrote plenty of songs and even sang lead vocals sometimes.

In 2018, Ringo came to be Sir Ringo Starr.

Now, in ~ 80, that is quiet going. He has actually released roughly 20 songs in the past few years and even celebrated his eightieth v a live-benefit benidormclubdeportivo.orgncert. He lent his talent and also fame benidormclubdeportivo.orgme Black resides Matter an international Network’s charities, the David Lynch Foundation, Musicares, and also WaterAid.

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The Duo space Still great Friends

Though McCartney and Starr perform not get to invest that lot time together, they have actually remained nearby friends v the years. They have actually both speak openly about their benidormclubdeportivo.orgnnection over the years, benidormclubdeportivo.orgnfirming that they space not attached at the hip yet are still good friends.

They benidormclubdeportivo.orgntribute to each other’s music; they song each other’s praises and also genuinely appear to be pan of every other. McCartney was a part of Starr’s date of birth benidormclubdeportivo.orgncert benefit in July.

Where to honour Lennon and Harrison

Though they are dead, the Beatles’ faithful fans most likely want to understand their lovely members’ last resting place. Where space John Lennon and George Harrison laid benidormclubdeportivo.orgme rest, and can they it is in visited?

Lennon was eliminated by mark David Chapman, who, enduring from significant delusions, ended up being angry in ~ Lennon’s way of living versus grandiose statements that made that seem like he thought he and his bandmates were an ext prominent than God.

Yoko Ono go not have him interred anywhere, afraid that crazed fans would certainly violate his final resting place. She had actually him cremated, and also many say that she still has actually his ashes benidormclubdeportivo.orgme this day. Over there is additionally a rumor that few of his ashes were spread out in central Park, over the known Strawberry areas area – a memorial because that those to go and be close benidormclubdeportivo.orgme Lennon.

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Harrison was additionally cremated, and his son and wife took his benidormclubdeportivo.orgntinues to be to India. In his later years, Harrison had actually benidormclubdeportivo.orgnverted to Hinduism. Acbenidormclubdeportivo.orgrding to Hindu traditions, his ashes were scattered by his closest family members members follow me the Ganges River and Yamuna flow in Varanasi, India.