You more than likely remember from your scientific research classes in school that the rate of sound is a constant. However, that continuous speed is no necessarily the rate at i beg your pardon the sound will you. The material which sound is transferred through must be taken into consideration.

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For example, exactly how does density influence the speed of sound? due to the fact that sound tide involve the transport of kinetic energy between adjacent molecules, the closer those molecules room to each other, the faster the sound travels. Therefore, sound travels much much faster through solids than with liquids or gas. When understanding the speed of sound through different mediums or materials, there are several components to think about besides density.

1. Elastic Properties

Elastic properties room the nature of a material that allow it to keep its shape once you use force to it. Materials with higher elastic properties return to their normal shape faster, make it less complicated for sound to travel v them. It is why sound travel much quicker through lead, because that example, than rubber, i beg your pardon has really low elastic properties.

2. Air Density

Just together solid objects permit sound to travel quicker than less thick ones, the thickness of gasses influence how easily sound travels, as well. Because that example, sound will travel faster in hydrogen than regular air because it is a lot denser gas. You’d expect sound to travel much faster in chillier air than hotter air, due to the fact that colder wait is denser. However, this isn’t the case, for the reason declared below.

3. Temperature

Why does sound travel faster at higher temperatures than cooler ones? once air is colder, the molecules room closer together, therefore sound transmission need to be easier. This is true of solids and also liquids, however gases act a tiny differently. Once gases warmth up, their molecules relocate much an ext quickly. This increased vibration transmits the sound much more quickly than it would in colder, but an ext static, air.

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A perform of The speed of Sound Through different Materials

In situation you’re curious just how conveniently sound travels through different mediums, here are a couple of of the various materials and also how rapid sound moves with them:

Rubber — 60 m/sAir in ~ 32 degrees — 331 m/sAir in ~ 68 degrees — 343 m/sAir in ~ 104 degrees — 355 m/sLead — 1210 m/sGold — 3240 m/sGlass — 4540 m/sCopper — 4600 m/s

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