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Sand VeilRaises Diglett"s basic evasion by 25% in a sandstorm. Avoids sandstorm damage to Diglett.Arena TrapEnemy Pokémon can"t switch or run. Flying-type or airborne enemies aren"t affected.Sand ForceDiglett"s Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves carry out 30% an ext damage in a sandstorm. Avoids sandstorm damages to Diglett.

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Below you"ll uncover a perform of all Pokémon Diglett evolves indigenous or into, in addition to its advancement method.
Diglett starting form
Below is a list of all of the moves the Diglett have the right to learn, along with what level that learns the move, the TM or TR number, and also what egg moves it can learn, if any. Float over a relocate (desktop/laptop) or click the ? button beside the move (mobile/tablet) to find out an ext about the move.
Here are every one of the move Diglett to learn via level up. Anything significant "Evo." means it learns that upon evolving. If the level is 1, it have the right to be relearned at a Pokémon Center.
Here are every one of the moves the Diglett have the right to learn via TM (Technical Machine). This moves can be teach an unlimited variety of times as soon as the TM is obtained.
Deals twin damage if ring has already been used and causes any kind of other Pokémon making use of Round to usage it instantly afterward.
Here are all of the moves that Diglett have the right to learn via TR (Technical Record). This moves have the right to be teach only as soon as per TR, yet TRs have the right to be obtained in the Wild Area and also other locations.
Sets floating rocks top top the enemy"s field. Go 1/8 max HP to opponents that move in. Weakness/resistance to rock affects this damage.
Here are all of the moves that Diglett have the right to learn as Egg Moves. In the case of advanced Pokémon, it reflects what Egg move it can learn in its lowest evolutionary stage. Click words EGG to discover compatible breeding Pokémon to acquire that Egg relocate onto Diglett.
Here are all of the moves the Diglett can learn indigenous Move Tutors. Most of these require the Expansion Pass and also can be discovered in the Isle of Armor"s Dojo, costing some Armorite Ore to teach. However, there space a few moves that can be taught aside from this.
Below you"ll discover a much more detailed table containing Diglett"s calculated stats, which are the stats that you actually see shown in game. This are impacted by a range of things, such together level, initiative Values (EVs), Individual worths (IVs), and Diglett"s Nature.By default, the stats you check out in the table listed below show four various possibilities, every assuming Diglett is level 100: the stats through 0 EVs, 252+ (max) EVs, 0 IVs, and 31 (max) IVs. Nature is not shown by default, therefore its maximum is 10% higher than presented here, and minium 10% lower.
(No Nature)Lonely (-Def)Adamant (-SAt)Naughty (-SDf)Brave (-Spd)Bold (-Atk)Impish (-SAt)Lax (-SDf)Relaxed (-Spd)Modest (-Atk)Mild (-Def)Rash (-SDf)Quiet (-Spd)Calm (-Atk)Gentle (-Def)Careful (-SAt)Sassy (-Spd)Timid (-Atk)Hasty (-Def)Jolly (-SAt)Naive (-SDf)HardyDocileBashfulQuirkySerious(Not Dynamaxed)Lv. 10 (Max)---Lv. 0Lv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Lv. 4Lv. 5Lv. 6Lv. 7Lv. 8Lv. 9265
If you"re looking for where to discover Diglett, you"ll find the assorted methods detailed down below, in addition to any note or distinct locations. This should aid you number out just how to obtain Diglett in Pokémon sword & Shield. (Currently this does not present most "strong" revolution encounters or Max Raid Battles.)

Diglett in the Wild

Galar MineOverworld EncountersAny WeatherRandom EncountersAny Weather
10%Lv. 11-14
15%Lv. 11-15
Rolling FieldsOn the GroundNorm.Over.RainStrm.SunSnowBliz.Sand.Fog
Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10Lv. 8-10
Giant"s MirrorRandom EncountersNorm.Over.RainStrm.SunSnowBliz.Sand.Fog
Lv. 26-28

If a Diglett digs v a field, it pipeline the floor perfectly tilled and ideal for planting crops.
It burrows through the ground in ~ a shallow depth. It pipeline raised earth in that wake, make it straightforward to spot.

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It chews on tree roots underground. Farmers whose vegetables room vulnerable find it deserve to be quite a pest.