I have put with each other a list of many famous and also popular applications and software packages written in C or C++ programming languages. The surprising thing is that bulk of these applications are commonly used in our day-to-day routine. Plenty of tech giants such together Google, Microsoft, Apple and also Adobe have number of applications composed in C/C++. I have contained both C and C++ as the majority of this applications are partially or totally written in either of the programming language.

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These applications are mainly, however not minimal to, operating Systems, an equipment Drivers, Compilers, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and also Integrated breakthrough Environments (IDEs) written in C/C++. Operating Systems encompass Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, apple OS X, Symbian OS and also BeOS. General applications encompass Mozilla Firefox, MySQL Server, Adobe Photoshop and Maya 3D computer animation software.

Applications composed in C/C++

Adobe Systems

many of the major applications the adobe solution are emerged in C++ programming language.

these applications encompass Adobe Photoshop and also Image Ready, Illustrator and Adobe Premier. Adobe has released a most open-source password in the past, mainly in C++, and their developers have been energetic in the C++ community.

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Google emerged some the the applications using C++. These encompass Google record system and also Google Chromium browser and MapReduce big cluster data processing.

Google open source community has actually over 2,000 projects and also many of them usage C or C++ together their key Programming languages. These encompass WebRTC, gRPC and DeepMind Lab, which freely obtainable as open source at GitHub.

Many a components of Android mobile operation system, mostly designed for handheld devices, which supplies modified version of the Linux kernel. Both C and also C++ are primary advance languages for Linux kernel development.

Mozilla Internet web browser i.e. Firefox and email customer i.e. Thunderbird are both created in C++ programming language.

Both space open source projects and also their resource code have the right to be download from Mercurial repositories.

The C++ resource code of this applications have the right to be uncovered on MDN internet docs i beg your pardon is kept by open community of developers.

MySQL is among the world’s most famous open resource database software. It has actually over 100 million duplicates downloaded or distributed throughout that is history. (source: DB-Engines)

countless of the world’s largest and also fastest-growing institutions use MySQL to save time and also money; powering your high-volume internet sites, vital business systems, and also packaged software.

MySQL open resource C++ password is easily accessible at GitHub.

Maya 3D software application was originally developed by Alias device Corporation and also was later lugged over by Autodesk.

AutoDesk open source center master plenty the C++ projects.

Winamp is the can be fried media player, permits you to control audio and video files, rip and burn CDs, enjoy complimentary music, accessibility and share your music and videos remotely.

Winamp supports dozens that media document formats, plugin systems, media library, media monitor and tons of different skins.

it was composed in C and also C++ and initially exit in 1997.


12D remedies Pty Ltd is one Australian software developer specializing in civil engineering and also surveying applications and also water engineering.

computer system Aided architecture system because that surveying, polite engineering, and more.

12d design is a an effective terrain modelling, surveying and civil design software package written in C/C++.

12dPL is based upon a subset that the C++ language v special expansions to allow easy manipulation that 12d version data.

giving real-time financial details to investors.

Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight roughly the world.

Bloomberg‘s spread RDBMS supplies C together it’s main point platform development.

The an easy Development Environment and a collection of structure libraries used at Bloomberg are written in C++.

Callas software develops PDF technology for publishing, print production, document exchange and record archiving.

commodities include pdfToolbox, pdfChip, pdfaPilot, pdfGoHTML.

usability in the pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot and also pdfChip are obtainable in the kind of C/C++ SDKs or command line versions. It can run ~ above Windows, macOS and Linux and Sun Solaris and also AIX. Because that the C/C++ SDKs wrappers are detailed for Java and .Net.

ImageSystems offers the human being leading motion evaluation programs and film scanner systems.

lock deliver an effective and precise measurement services through image post processing analysis.

TrackEye product gives C++ SDKs the requires fairly advance C++ knowledge.

Literally many of the Microsoft software are occurred using miscellaneous flavors of visual C++ or just C++.

most of the huge applications prefer Windows 95, 98, ME, 200 and XP are likewise written in C++.

likewise Microsoft Office, net Explorer and Visual Studio are written in intuitive C++.

perform of all Microsoft open source applications written in C++ have the right to be found here in ~ Microsoft open resource projects.

couple of parts of to apologize OS X are written in C.

Specifically kernel layer and hardware device drivers are written in C programming language.

few other applications such together Xcode ide are composed in C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++.

Symbian Operating system (discontinued mobile operating system) was likewise developed using C++.

This was among the many widespread OS’s because that cellular phones till the end of 2010.

Symbian OS source code created in C++ can be discovered at github. Some C resource code deserve to be discovered here too.

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