Giraffes are huge ruminants. These animals room the world’s tallest terrestrial animals. These spectacular animals tend to dine on the leaves and also twigs that plants, such as the acacia trees, mimosa, and also wild apricot trees. Giraffes additionally feed ~ above fruits.

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Type the GiraffeDiet
The southern Giraffe (Giraffa giraffa)Leaves, shooting of trees, flowers, acacia bark, pods, and seeds. This giraffe hardly ever feeds on grass.
The Masai Giraffe (Giraffa tippelskirchi)Leaves that the acacia tree, twigs, and a broad array that seasonal fruits discovered within your habitat.
The Reticulated Giraffe (Giraffa reticulata)Seed pods, leaves, and fruits of your favorite trees, which encompass acacia, wild apricot, and mimosa.
The north Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)Shoots, grains, nuts, leaves, flowers, and fruits. They additionally eat floor to attain minerals.


In most studies, just one species or type of Giraffe was recognized, i beg your pardon is the Giraffa Camelopardalis and 9 the its subspecies, i m sorry include:

The Angolan GiraffeMasai GiraffeKordofan GiraffeReticulated GiraffeThe south African Giraffe.Nubian GiraffeThe West african Giraffe.Rothschild’s GiraffeThornicroft’s Giraffe

The over classification was based upon the testimonial of the morphology of the giraffes and also their geographic ranges, which have actually recently been rendered obsolete.

A recent study perform by the Senckenberg biodiversity and Climate research study Centre and also Giraffe Conservation structure focused top top performing the an initial DNA evaluation on the significant natural giraffe populations in your African range.

Giraffes habitat contains Savannah and also woodlands in countless African countries such as south Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, and also more.

The result revealed one updated version of the classic giraffe taxonomy, and also they evidenced that four main varieties of giraffes exist, and five subspecies.

The four species are together follows, including their wanted habitats.


The southern giraffe largely eats the leaves and also shoots that trees. They additionally dine on flowers, acacia bark, pods, and seeds, depending on their availability. This giraffe rarely feeds on grass.

The southern giraffe has actually two subspecies : the southern African giraffe and also the Angolan giraffe.This giraffe is found in south Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and also Mozambique.This species is mostly found in the savannah and woodland areas of this regions.

Masai Giraffes mostly eat the leaves of the acacia tree. They additionally eat twigs and a vast array the seasonal fruits uncovered within their habitat.

The decreasing numbers of this varieties make it provided as an endangered species.The Masai giraffe is found in wide distribution in the savannahs of the main and southern parts of Kenya.This varieties is likewise found in the savannah the Tanzania. These varieties can likewise be uncovered in minimal distribution in Rwanda.

The reticulated giraffes feed on seeds pods, leaves, and fruits of their favorite trees, which incorporate acacia, wild apricot, and also mimosa.

The reticulated giraffe gets its name from the fact that its red coats are divided by reticulations of white lines, making its appearance rather different compared to the other species of giraffes.This varieties is mostly discovered in the drylands of the horn that Africa.

The northern Giraffe feeds ~ above shoots, grains, nuts, leaves, flowers, and also fruits. They additionally eat soil to acquire minerals.

The north Giraffe has 3 subspecies, specific the Kordofan giraffe, West afri giraffe, and the Nubian giraffe.This species inhabits open up woodlands, grasslands, and savannah that Chad in the North and extends to Niger in the west, Somalia to the East, and some parts of southern Africa.

Savanna hosts three different varieties of Giraffes, namely southerly Giraffes, Masai Giraffes, and also Northern Giraffes. These Giraffes in Savannah eat leaves, shoots of trees, flowers, twigs, Acadia trees, seasonal fruits, and even soil.

Do Giraffes Eat Bananas?

In the domesticated environment such as Zoos, Giraffes would eat bananas if offered. However, in the wild, giraffes mainly consume the leaves, Acacia tree twigs, mimosa, wild apricot trees, and also the fruits discovered in shrubs.

Like many animals, Giraffes do need water for hydration and also well-being. Since Giraffes are too tall, it would need to shuffle and spread your front foot to reach for the water top top the ground. Particularly when these tallest herbivores drink water native the pond or river, they would be fragile from crocodile attacks. Giraffes often tend to drink water only every couple of days. However, they do gain most of the required water from the plants they consume.

Do Giraffes Eat Bones?

Though giraffes are herbivores, as soon as they lack nutrients native their day-to-day diet or as soon as scarce, they have tendency to eat bones from dead animals (such together buffalo). By chewing bones, giraffes gain the required minerals such together phosphorous and calcium that their human body needs. This phenomenon is called as osteophagia. Giraffes won’t eat the whole bones yet rather chew castle for periodically until the nutrients room extracted and spit lock out.

Note the the same actions (osteophagy) can be seen in various other herbivores, too, specific red deer, wildebeest, antelopes, and also camels.

Giraffes perform not hunt due to the fact that they room herbivores, an interpretation they attract most that their nutrients from consuming plant matter.

One strange feeding habits that has been provided in giraffes is that they additionally feed ~ above bones, an action defined together osteophagy.Giraffes routinely interact in osteophagy to carry out their bodies through minerals such together calcium and also phosphorous, which room enriching come them.

When carry out Giraffes Eat?

Giraffes are largely diurnal creatures, feeding throughout the day and sleeping in ~ night.

How frequently Do Giraffes Eat?

Often, giraffes eat around 75 pounds the food a day. Castle spend between 16 and also 20 hours a job feeding.

Lions space the most far-reaching predators the giraffes.

The lions regularly target the weak or young giraffes, and also the pregnant ones.Giraffes are additionally predated top top by hyenas and leopards.

Giraffes pat an imperative role in the pet food chain. These organisms space a direct resource of nutrition to the pets that prey on them.

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