Did you understand that giraffes do sounds? right here I talk about what sound giraffes make. From bleats, mews, coughs, grunts and snores from senior giraffes, and even hisses from young giraffes, giraffes do a diverse selection of noises to communicate. They also make infra-sound whooshes that are difficult for world to hear.

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The Sound a Giraffe makes Is an pet Mystery

Although the isn't yes, really a mystery, the question "what sound does a giraffe make?" has actually been a little of a puzzle to animal behavior researchers. Is it sound or is it sounds? How countless different sounds execute giraffes make? carry out they have actually a vocabulary? how do castle communicate? Somebody has to know.

Now, with audio evidence from researchers and first-hand knowledge from zookeepers and also giraffe managers, us can ultimately attempt to answer that question.


Mature Giraffe sounds vs. Young Giraffe Sounds

All giraffes have vocal cords and make sound, however what sounds perform they make? and also what perform those sound mean? That depends on the period of the giraffe.

Elder Giraffe Sounds

Empirical and also anecdotal proof from zookeepers and giraffe managers supports that mature giraffes mostly snort and grunt, yet a current eight-year-long, three-zoo study recorded over 940 hours of a 3rd sound—humming—heard only at night.

Sometimes jokingly described as being similar to a husband's snore, this sound was described by a Wired write-up as gift at the low-end level of human being hearing in ~ a frequency of around 92Hz. This borders the frequencies frequently referred to as infra-sound. Examine out the audio recording below!

Recorded evidence argues that together they mature, your vocabulary starts to consist primarily of infra-sound "whooshes" that air, or that nighttime "humming" discovered by researchers.

Young Giraffe Sounds

However, young giraffes space a different matter. That exact same data built up from zookeepers features as plenty of as 12 various sounds come young giraffes.

Young giraffes do all types of sounds, consisting of grunts, moans, snores, bellows, snorts, coughs, bleats, mews, hissing, whistle-like cries, and flute-like sounds.

Note: The inaudible giraffe sounds stated above, (giant air whooshes), although it was observed to be interactions - have yet to be associated with details meanings.

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SoundUsed by:Meaning

Snorts and also Grunts



Snores and also Hisses


Fighting/Confrontations (sometimes offered as danger alarm signal)

Moans and Grunts



Loud coughs


Sexual courting

Bellows and also Whistles


Female communication with young



Scolding/correcting young

Bleats and also Mews

Young male and female

Used by young giraffes describe alarm, fear, or wants

So What Is This "Humming" Sound Giraffes Make?

A study released by BMC research Notes discovered that giraffes mainly use infra-sound to communicate.