The answer… Yes we did! Greeley cap Works produced hats because that the entire cast of Yellowstone, through the exception of Beth Dutton’s hat, for all of Seasons 1-3. Each cap Trent Johnson’s had actually the privilege to do for the actors was extremely unique to them and also their character because that Yellowstone.

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I’m certain you’re wondering, what makes this man a fan-favorite? Why carry out we obsess end Rip Wheeler? The personality Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser (known because that Dazed and also Confused, good Will Hunting), is a Ranch hand top top the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. He’s a character recognized for being darkly menacing and also extremely pensive, yet very loyal come both man Dutton and also his family… not to cite his love because that Beth Dutton! Rip Wheeler protects the household Ranch from troubles such as betrayals, and power-hungry tactics prepared to clearly at any type of moment. Rip acts together the Ranch’s quiet however deadly force. With that in mind, Rip Wheeler to represent a timeless, classic, actual life hero we all would love fighting because that us and also for ours families.



“Hollywood sent out boxes that hats, boots, buckles, clothes and spurs to the Costume Department for Yellowstone.”

“I collection up in a room & had the honor to work-related with Ruth Carter. She sent me and some aides on a buying main actor for handmade items and also what Taylor Sheridan required to make this “new adventure” authentic.”

I can’t say sufficient nice things about the team Taylor Sheridan placed together for this historic series, especially now the I’ve worked with them.

“It to be really interesting to be on place working through the entire actors of Yellowstone. I have to say that working with Cole Hauser to be the many memorable because he was exceptionally interested in how we make our hats. He even asked me to update him while us were going through the process!”

– Trent Johnson

Howdy! I"m Ciara, Digital Director because that Greeley cap Works. Together a Digital Director, I have actually the satisfied of updating ours website, writing blog posts, taking care of social media, and anything including hats or the internet!

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I own one of Rips hats together with several other Greely’s there is no a doubt the ideal hats ns own and also one of them is on my head every day!

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