Christmas time is virtually here! I recognize that you’re really looking forward to her vacation. No work, no studying. But that doesn’t typical that you need to take a break from English as well. ~ all, English is fun!

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Christmas is a time for family, togetherness, to sing Christmas songs and lots that colorful and shiny lights. So, ns going to put all of these things together and also teach you some colorful brand-new vocabulary with the aid of “The King,” Elvis Presley.

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In this write-up you room going to:

Improve your vocabulary v an ELVIS PRESLEY CHRISTMAS SONGLook in ~ the representation of various colorsLearn expressions regarded colors

Elvis Presley and Christmas Carols

Elvis Presley has been together an influential and important artist in American pop culture, the until this particular day he stop the title together being “the king” the rock and roll. From rock music to Blues, and also even Gospel, Elvis had actually his finger in many pies together a musician.

But go you recognize that Elvis loved to sing and also record Christmas carol (songs)?

It has actually been reported the Christmas was Elvis’ favorite time the the year and also he would always try his best to invest the holiday season with his family.

Some that Elvis’ most popular songs to be “Blue Suede Shoes” and also “Hound dog,” yet today we’re going to focus on my favourite Elvis Christmas Carol “Blue Christmas.” however why go Elvis use words BLUE in this song? shouldn’t he say WHITE Christmas, since of the snow?

Let’s hear to this track and try to know why Elvis is having a BLUE Christmas.


Colors and also Emotion Adjectives

With the assist of “the king” we have just learnt that the color blue deserve to be connected with sadness, but do the other colors represent another kind of emotion?

Yes lock do! If you ask a shade psychologist, they will give you a lengthy list of colors the are attached to plenty of different emotions and feelings. To leveling things, below are the emotions and feelings the are connected with the most usual colors BLUE, RED, YELLOW and GREEN.

BLUEEven though the expression “to have the blues” way to it is in sad or depressed, in psychology the color blue doesn’t stand for that at all.


The shade blue to represent relaxation, calmness, and also it is really soothing. Blue can likewise improve productivity.


The color red has actually a huge range of conflict emotions, from hate to passion, anger to lust. Red is the shade of the devil and also cupid. Red can additionally represent vitality.


Yellow deserve to increase your metabolism however it likewise causes tiredness.Yellow often makes many world feel cheerful, energetic, and happy however soon fatigued


Similar to blue, green can likewise make a person feel an ext relaxed and also calm.Green represents- Tranquility, cleanliness, freshness and is frequently related to nature and preservation.

Expressions through Color

TO capture SOMEONE RED HANDED– To see someone committing a crime or act something bad. It’s generally related to stealing.

“I captured him taking money from the cash register red handed.”

PAINT THE city RED– to go out at and also have a fun and also crazy night through friends

“I’ve to be so busy this week at work, ns going to go the end tonight and paint the city red.”

RED TAPE– when something takes a lot of challenge because of administrative problems. Usual with governmental issues or anything with rules and also regulations.

“I would certainly love to work in the U.S.A. But there is too much red tape trying to obtain a visa.”

ROLL the end THE RED CARPET– come welcome someone in a very big way as if they were a celebrity.

“I’m going come roll out the red carpet because that my girlfriend Josh that is arriving from Amsterdam today.”

OUT the THE BLUE– as soon as something happens totally unexpectedly

“My old girlfriend from high college rang me now out of the blue.”

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON – once something wake up vey infrequently

“I have a gym membership but I just go there once in a blue moon.”

THE guys IN BLUE– Expression referring to the police. In countless countries police police officers wear a blue uniform.

“I saw the guys in blue arresting some thugs today. It was yes, really cool.”

YELLOW BELLIED– when someone is yes, really shy or cowardly

“I paid for Trevor to go sky diving yet he’s so yellow bellied the he no accept.”

A WHITE LIE– A lied which no hurt anyone. This is often used to emphasize a story or to protect someone’s feelings.

“I had actually to call her the her hair looked fine. A white lie now and also then doesn’t hurt anyone.”

WHITE COLLAR WORKER– any type of kind of expert that has to wear a suit

“Justin was worn down of being a white collar worker for this reason he moved to Brazil.”

THE GRASS IS always GREENER top top THE various other SIDE– This is provided to express the you constantly want what other human being have, yet usually it’s not as an excellent as friend think.

“I’m for this reason envious of mine boss. He has actually a lot of money and also nice things.”“Money’s no everything. The grass is constantly greener top top the other side.”

GREEN v ENVY– This expression is used to emphasize the someone is really jealous

“I to be green v envy as soon as my workmate gained the promotion instead of me.”

GIVE someone THE green LIGHT– To provide someone permission to execute something, usually work-related related.

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“My boss gave me the green light to take my vacation throughout Christmas time.”


What execute you gain doing because that Christmas? What are some of your family or country’s customs?Is Christmas a really colorful time that the year because that you? do you get in addition to your household or friends right now of the year?

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Long live the King, Elvis Presley has left the building!!

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