Not just was Cruella"s Panther a actual model launched in the "70s, but it was also one that the most exclusive cars of that is era.

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Panther De Ville
v its exaggerated long hood and opulent standard styling, Cruella De Vil"s Panther provided in Disney"s 101 Dalmatians shaped every kid"s expectation the a stuck-up wealthy person"s car ago in the "90s. However, classic-inspired luxury cars weren"t all the uncommon and also were quite famous in the 1970s and also 1980s for the rich. Cars favor the high-quality Stutz Blackhawk and also Excalibur adopted styling that the 1920s and "30s and were quite successful, also if they to be rubbish come drive.

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this classic cars featured contemporary engines and refinements while likewise featuring vintage styling v lashings of chrome and exaggerated curves. The Panther De Ville was possibly the most exclusive instance of these retro cars as soon as it released in 1974.


10 The automobile Survived The Brands very first Bankruptcy

panther deville Via: CarandClassic
Panther Westwinds were choose a the majority of brands in the 1970s, struggling financially. The brand relied on expensive sporting activities cars and luxury saloons throughout a time the fuel shortages and economic hardship. In short, the common customer basic thinned together ostentatious cars became deep unpopular.

Panther De ville Via: YouTube
as such, in 1980, six years into the De Ville"s manufacturing run, the agency collapsed. Well-off South oriental industrialist Young Chull Kim purchased the company and production resumed the the De Ville in 1981 and would continue until the car"s withdrawal from the industry in 1986.


9 just 60 Were ever before Made

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It was an very exclusive car and also in the 10 years this auto was produced, only 60 were ever before produced. This method only a handful were constructed each year come outrageous levels of customisation, one such example being that all dare hand-painted by one man to for sure the best possible results.

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Panther De Ville Via: Panther vehicle Club
because of the hand-built nature of this vehicles, plenty of survive come this day. Whilst bespoke parts are hard to come by, the Panther fanbase is devoted and many of the survivors stay in fantastic condition.


8 Cruella De Vil’s Panther Had A Different Engine

Panther De ville Via: arts Statiom
All manufacturing Panther De Villes came through either a V8 or V12 from Jaguar. Whilst these engines to be renowned for smoothness and pace, they might be temperamental and also were no suited come the extreme driving that would be forced for the 1996 movie 101 Dalmatians.

Panther De ville Via: Pintrest
together such, the original Jaguar engine to be stripped out and also replaced. A Chevrolet V8 was used rather as it was much more robust because that the intensive mechanical stress of the film. Disney also made sure the automobile was black and white come reflect the Dalmatians Cruella De Vil was trying to steal.

Panther De Ville Via: AutoCart
never ever a vehicle for regular human being this automobile cost more than anything rather on the industry in the 1970s. Much more than the most expensive Aston young name or Bentley. Even the rolls Royce Camargue, renowned for being ridiculously expensive was cheaper than the De Ville.

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The Jaguar running equipment was obviously an expensive cost for every model, as was the chrome, lavish interior and costs to build the car entirely by hand. Surprisingly because that such an expensive car, the De Ville shared its doors v the humble Austin Maxi, albeit with added leather and wood ~ above the door cards.


6 Panthers Was Known For structure Other stunner Cars

panther rio Via: Flickriver
Panther never developed a typical car. Their previously efforts to be a sports vehicle launched in the 1970s the looked suspiciously like an SS Jaguar. There was likewise the Panther Rio, a Triumph Dolomite modified come be as luxurious together a rolfes Royce that price three times the cost of the automobile in which the is based.

The craziest auto that Panther ever launched, however, to be the Panther Six. A six-wheeled sports auto that featured a monstrous Cadillac-sourced 8.2-liter V8. Supposedly capable of 200 mph, only two dare were ever completed.

released in 1927, the Bugatti Royale was claimed to be one of the most luxurious cars ever developed alongside the likes that the Dusenberg SSJ and Rolls Royce Phantom series. The Bugatti Royale to be a car too expensive and exclusive for some members of royal families. Featuring gigantic 26-inch wheels and a 12.7-liter I8 this vehicle was among the largest and also heaviest cars ever before to with production.

The huge sweeping front wing of the Bugatti Royale aided inspire the form of the De Ville. The different configurations too, from the drop-top two-door to the an ext conventional four-seater, the vintage Bugatti to be a large influence.


4 The Interior choices Included ice cream Makers, Televisions and also Full Bars

Panther De Ville Via: Pintrest
fairly unsurprising for such one expensive and prestigious car, the interior options were nearly endless. Whilst the highest grade Connolly animal leather was supplied for the seats and also door cards, the alternatives for colours and additionally were nearing rolls Royce levels.

One four-door instance was finished v a completely bespoke silver- bar set in the back whilst other received colour televisions, electronic ice makers and even at an early stage examples of auto telephones.

all Panthers space rare, yet the single six-door limousine do is the rarest model ever before produced. Supposedly produced a Malaysian prince this variation of the car was stretched to accommodate and extra pair that doors and also painted in pink and also gold.

It likewise featured a turbocharger, extra auxiliary headlamps and was nicknamed the golden Eagle. Very little about this automobile is known and also only one low-resolution image have the right to be discovered online, but it was made and would have been the many expensive Panther ever before produced.


2 well known Customers Adored these Cars

Panther De Ville Via: Wikimedia
v the renaissance that classically styled dare in the 1970s, celebrities who wanted come stand out from the group couldn"t do far better than purchase a De Ville. The near limo-like standing of the car and also luxurious inner suited the lifestyles of celebrities.

aside from Glenn nearby (in 101 Dalmatians) other celebrities have appreciated the excessive opulence readily available by the De Ville. Teacher Elton john owned one, as did gibbs Oliver Reed. The develop quality of this ensured that most have actually survived to this day and these celebrity-endorsed models are particularly collectable.

in spite of not being particularly an excellent cars come drive thanks to the challenging aerodynamics and bulky construction, lock are popular vehicles for collectors. Whilst it is rare for these cars come come up for auction, they do sell for reasonable money.

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for a vehicle that by every accounts is horrid come drive, it has actually not to be consigned come sit in anonymity like various other Panther products. Instances have also been offered by call auctioneers R.M Sotheby"s.

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