The Australian-made coin Boards are proving to it is in pretty famous in today’s skating community, particularly with young riders because of their helpful design and the truth that lock are extremely lightweight and portable.

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However, not many civilization are aware that there space actually two versions that this classic board, the initial Penny Board and also its sibling, the Nickel Board. When the similarities in between the two are stark; you can’t aid but notification the differences !

In this post, us compare the coin vs. Nickel Board and we will also carry out our opinion on how finest you have the right to use each one of them.



For the untrained eye, it have the right to be quite tricky to tell the Penny and also Nickel personally by merely looking in ~ them. This is mainly since they come through the very same design and you can quickly think that you’re looking in ~ the same product.

But watch aside, both these skateboards are made using Penny’s signature plastic. The material is impressively strong and has virtually no weight border . Together a result, they deserve to effortlessly support a 250-pound rider without providing way.

Another notable function on the boards is the grip tape. This appears to it is in the most separating factor ~ above the coin Boards and enable riders to cruise safely even in wet conditions. The ice keeps your feet securely top top the deck for far better handling and control.


Although the 2 boards show up at fist glance to look the same, the doesn’t take it a rocket scientist come realize the the two boards room different, particularly when you heat them up side by side. The original Penny plank comes with a 22-inch long deck, i beg your pardon is 5 inches much shorter than that of the Nickel Board.

The deck is 5 inches vast for the Penny and also 6 inches for the Nickel. Furthermore, the original Penny is designed v 3.125-inch trucks, which space a little bigger ~ above the Nickel in ~ 4 inches. Now, you could think that the 5 inch separating the two are negligible, yet they in reality make a huge difference once it involves the speak experience.

Penny Vs Nickel-Ride Comparison

As discussed above, over there are just 5” customs separating the Penny and also the Nickel. However, this small difference makes fairly a distinction on a plank this small.

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Generally, the Nickel is smoother and also this is largely since of its bigger deck. The Penny board is additionally smooth, however you will feel an ext of the bumps once riding it. Moreover, the bigger trucks you find on the Nickel makes it feasible to carve whereas, on the Penny, you will notice some slight instability on cheater turns.

Overall, both coin boards offer wonderful performance, which is why they space so renowned today. Enthusiasts favor them for the portability, through the 22” framework of the original penny easily fitting within a backpack. The journey is likewise fast and smooth for a usually reliable experience.


James Mason here. Surfing, skateboarding, and longboarding enthusiast at this time living in Rio, Brazil. Started boarding due to the fact that I was old sufficient to wear a helmet, except I often didn"t. Think that describes a lot of :)