Terms and Definitions

Microscope: a an equipment for magnifying objects that are too little to be seen with the naked eye.

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an easy microscope: single lens magnifier compound microscope: employs 2 or more lenses

Parfocal: the objective lenses are an installed on the microscope so that they can be interchanged without having actually to appreciably vary the focus.

Resolving power or resolution: the ability to identify objects that are close together. The far better the addressing power the the microscope, the closer together two objects have the right to be and also still be viewed as separate.

Magnification: the process of enlarging the size of one object, as an optical image.

Total magnification: In a compound microscopic lense the full magnification is the product of the objective and also ocular lenses (see figure below). The magnification the the ocular lenses on her scope is 10X.

target lens X Ocular lens = Total magnification For example: low power: (10X)(10X) = 100X high dry: (40X)(10X) = 400X oil immersion: (100X)(10X) = 1000X

Immersion Oil: Clear, finely detailed pictures are achieved by difference the specimen through their medium. Changing the refractive table of contents of the specimens indigenous their tool attains this contrast. The refractive index is a measure of the family member velocity at which light passes v a material. Once light beam pass through the two materials (specimen and also medium) that have different refractive indices, the rays change direction indigenous a straight route by bending (refracting) in ~ the boundary between the specimen and also the medium. Thus, this increases the image’s contrast in between the specimen and the medium.

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One way to adjust the refractive table of contents is by staining the specimen. An additional is to usage immersion oil. If we want light to refract differently in between the specimen and also the medium, we do not want to lose any light rays, together this would certainly decrease the resolution of the image. By placing immersion oil in between the glass slide and the oil immersion lens (100X), the irradiate rays at the highest magnification can be retained. Immersion oil has actually the exact same refractive index as glass for this reason the oil becomes component of the optics of the microscope. Without the oil the irradiate rays are refracted together they go into the air between the slide and also the lens and also the objective lens would have to be enhanced in diameter in bespeak to capture them. Using oil has actually the same result as raising the objective diameter as such improving the resolving power that the lens.

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