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The falling action and the resolution the "The Scarlet Ibis" can be a little hard to identify. One can argue, in fact, the they don"t really appear in the story and also that the narrative just concludes with the orgasm , the moment of biggest excitement or tension: Doodle"s...

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The falling action and the resolution the "The Scarlet Ibis" deserve to be a little hard come identify. One can argue, in fact, that they don"t really appear in the story and that the narrative just concludes v the climax, the minute of best excitement or tension: Doodle"s death.

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That said, we could additionally make the case that the falling action of "The Scarlet Ibis" occurs as Doodle and also his brother head come Horseshoe Landing after brothers finishes eating. The resolution could be claimed to occur when the brothers realizes that it is his pride that has killed Doodle.

Falling Action

After Doodle buries the scarlet ibis and the brother finishes eating, they walk to the shore whereby brother desires Doodle to continue his swim lessons. However, as soon as they arrive there is lightning in the skies so the brothers need to leave. Brothers is so angered that Doodle has "failed" that he hurries ahead of Doodle. After ~ the failure, the falling activity begins:

The knowledge that our plans had concerned nothing was bitter, and that streak the cruelty in ~ me awakened. I ran as fast as i could, leaving him far behind v a wall surface of rain separating us. 


In his selfish pride, the brother runs ahead, leave the scared Doodle. When Doodle walk not capture up, the exasperated brother retraces his measures only to discover Doodle reportedly crouched through his head down. As soon as the brothers touches him,

e toppled backward onto the earth. He had actually been bleeding from the mouth, and his neck and also the former of his shirt to be stained a excellent red. 

Realizing the devastating effect that his pride, the brother holds his "fallen scarlet ibis" together he cries "sheltering collapse ibis."