space self-abased and also humble both opposite come arrogant or having attitude? What are their differences?What room words for the opposite to arrogant, dong in a positive, negative, and neutral way?


Both self-abased and also humble deserve to be taken into consideration as antonyms because that arrogant. The difference in between them in this paper definition being

Humble - Not mirroring arrogance in spite of knowing the one is good.

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Self-abased - Not showing arrogance because he feels that is not good. (Inferiority complex, might be)

Some other antonyms because that arrogant are

Modest - Positive

Shy - Neutral

Meek, Servile, timid - Negative

Of course, even if it is something is positive, negative or neutral will rely on the paper definition it is spoken, civilization who are involved in the conversation, how it is claimed etc. However I feel this have the right to be thought about as a wide classification.

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