Elephant is the largest pet on land. Not just that, the is likewise the biggest land mammal.

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A completely grown elephant usually is 11 feet tall and also weighs 5,800 Kgs. One elephant’s brain weighs 4.5–5.5 Kg and it’s love 12-21 Kg. Compare it to the of humans. Human brain weighs around 1.5 kg and also a human heart weighs in between 250-350 gms.

Can you take it a assumption: v why elephants can’t jump? that is due to the fact that of their gigantic size. Elephants don’t have actually leg muscles solid enough and leg bones springy sufficient to elevate castle in the air.While elephants can’t jump, lock are terrific swimmers. They usage their trunk together a snorkel to breath in the air for long distances swim. Did you know that elephant tribe is a fusion of its top lip and also nose?


Image Credit: Flickr User boy name Pettitt, via CC

Trunk deserve to be advantageous in plenty of other ways too. Elephants move and also coil their trunk in every directions to collection food, to clean your eyes and ears, to protect themselves, and to spray water on themselves so that they deserve to clean us up.

Another peculiar attribute of one elephant is the tusks.


Image Credit: Flickr User Sarahchats, via CC

Tusks room nothing yet teeth unable to do extra long!! Wonder if animals had a dentist, would certainly elephants still have tusks? The incisors the the top jaw flourish pointy and long to end up being tusks. They help the animal in many ways. Tusks are offered to destruction food and water, to note or clear trees or to protect themselves in a fight. Choose you have a choice of making use of the left hand or right, elephants have actually a preference with their tusks. Some like to usage the left ones and some like to use ideal tusks.

Mr. Large ears? A perfect surname for an elephant.


Image Credit: Flick User Mister-E, via CC

They have huge ears the stand out on their large bodies. Why such big ears? Elephants ears have actually a network that blood vessels all over. In a hot climate, heat blood flows right into these vessels. Together the animal flaps it’s ears, the blood cools down, bringing the human body temperature down.

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Elephants are an extremely emotional and intelligent species. If a infant elephant is uncomfortable, the whole family will huddle and touch to lull it. Castle recognise long lost friends and greet lock in their own cheerful way. Ever before seen two elephants wrapping their trunks? that is one method of greeting and also showing affection. They periodically pay tribute to their dead standing still and also silent for numerous minutes. They also make an extremely interesting parents.