The strength of chess pieces is crucial to know particularly when you space going come exchange them. We currently know that the queen is the most powerful chess piece. However do girlfriend know, what is the 2nd most powerful chess piece?Rook is the 2nd most an effective chess piece. Its loved one value is 5 points. It can move horizontally and vertically controlling many squares. It can also checkmate a lone king v a king, i m sorry a single knight or bishop can not do.

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There are countless strengths as well as some weaknesses of rook which we are going to discuss ahead together with reasons why rook is the 2nd most an effective piece, comparing its power with other chess piece plus some it’s the strengths and weaknesses.So if you are keen come know around all these then keep reading till the end.
Why Rook Is The 2nd Most powerful Piece In Chess?Relative worth Of RookRook can regulate many squares regardless of whether of the colourRook is an extremely helpful for the development of various other piecesRook also has some distinct powersRook is very useful in the endgamesConclusion

Why Rook Is The second Most powerful Piece In Chess?

In short, rook is the 2nd most powerful chess piece because firstly its family member value is less than the queen but much more than various other chess pieces. Secondly, after ~ the queen, the is the just chess piece that can manage many squares in ~ a time and deliver checkmate through a king, versus a lone king.
Now let’s recognize the power of rook in a an ext detailed way.

Relative worth Of Rook

In chess, all the chess pieces room assigned a family member value so that we deserve to have a basic idea about the worth of every of the chess pieces.Read More: Chess pieces Value v ChartIn that, the king is usually not counting because very first of all, we execute not exchange a king. Secondly losing a king method losing the game and also hence the is priceless.Now other than the king, every the chess pieces are offered some value. In that, the queen has actually the highest value, 9 points, and also after it comes to the rook i m sorry is assigned 5 points.
Read More: how Does The Rook relocate In Chess?Whereas a pawn is worth just 1 point. Pawn is the least powerful piece in chess.Chess Pieces:Value:Queen9 PointsRook5 PointsKnight3 PointsBishop3 PointsPawn1 Point
It means losing a rook will be identical to shedding 5 pawns in one exchange.Thus this gives united state a basic idea yet one point to make sure that you must not just rely on this family member value mechanism blindly. The place of the board likewise matters!
Thus, this is one factor with respect come which we deserve to say the rook is the 2nd most an effective chess piece. 

Rook can regulate many squares regardless of whether of the colour

Next thing about rook is, it has actually the strength to move horizontally and vertically. There is no color restriction in its activity like a bishop. A bishop deserve to move only on either the dark coloured squares or the irradiate coloured squares. And this is among the major disadvantages the bishop.Also Read: When have to You profession A Bishop for A Knight and When Not?

Rook is an extremely helpful because that the advance of various other pieces

Rook is a long range piece. It can control one unblocked record or rank completely. Due to these strength it is an extremely helpful while progressing the other pieces.Like if you want to relocate your pawn or knight and also if you have actually an unblocked rook then you deserve to utilize that to defend the paper or rank wherein you desire to location that piece.Since rook will certainly be threatening, therefore the enemy would not favor to lose his/her queen or rook for her pawn or knight. Thus rook acts as a an excellent guarding item while advancing the other pieces.

Rook additionally has some distinct powers

Every piece in chess has some one-of-a-kind property. A knight deserve to jump end the other pieces i m sorry no various other piece have the right to do. And though a rook can not jump, it has actually a really unique property.
You can know the you cannot castle under check (if not then examine this article i m sorry will deal with all her doubts).You might additionally know the you can’t castle v or right into check because the square with which the king will certainly pass or will sit is under attack.But carry out you understand that you have the right to castle even if your rook is under attack? Haha! Don’t get shocked if you involved know this for the very first time due to the fact that you space not alone.Viktor Korchnoi, a an extremely well recognized chess player was also confused once he want to castle yet his rookCheck my write-up on castling as soon as rook is under attack. In that, i have discussed this object in more detail.Other than this, a rook has the strength to pin various other pieces. (Pinning a piece method you assault your opponent’s chess item in together a means that if he/she moves that piece than a more valuable piece will acquire exposed to strike by your piece)Also Read: Can A Pinned Piece offer Check? (Explained)Only a queen, bishop and rook has the power to pin any kind of other item in chess.

Rook is very useful in the endgames

A solitary bishop or a single knight v your king can’t checkmate a lone king of your opponent. Since there will always be a square because that the opponent’s king come escape the check.Read mine Article: Why You can’t Checkmate A Lone King through A King and Knight? To know more.But if you have actually a rook climate it is feasible to checkmate a lone king.You have to follow the straightforward principles of checkmating, prefer cutting the squares obtainable to the opponent’s king and also driving it in the direction of the corner and together with it making use of your king come checkmate the opponent’s king.Moreover, during the endgame as soon as you obtain the opportunity to encourage a pawn you normally promote a pawn come a queen, yet do you know that a pawn is also supported to a rook.You could ask me, why would you promote a pawn come a rook? ns know and also for a in-depth answer ns would imply to check the article.But for below in brief I have the right to tell that, due to the fact that although the queen is very powerful it is also really easy for it to stalemate the opponent’s king. Which girlfriend don’t desire to perform if you were about to win the game, right? thus it is done so.

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Rook is yes, really a very powerful piece after ~ the queen.Read More: Why Is The Queen So powerful In Chess?In fact, rook and queen are considered significant pieces in chess. Both have the right to become good game-changer in chess if you use them properly.But choose a coin has two sides, every piece in chess has some strengths also some weaknesses. It relies on the player just how he/she provides it to victory the game.Though rook is the second most powerful chess piece it likewise has some weaknesses: Since the is together a beneficial piece, utilizing it early throughout the game, becomes an easy target of your opponent’s less valuable pieces.It can get blocked by your own pawns, ending up being inactive because for using it successfully you require open up space.Apart from this there room no such significant weaknesses.That’s it! hope you taken everything about the 2nd most an effective chess piece.Wait! before you go, I highly recommend friend to check out my complete overview on how to beat chess. In that, i have defined all the basic chess ideas from begin to finish, in the lesson by great format.Thanks and have a pretty day!