Origin that the name Chris:

Short kind of Christian, derived from the Latin christiānus (a Christian, a follower of Christ), i m sorry is native the Greek christianos (a Christian, a follower of Christ). Short: Chris

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Alex Andrew Christian Christina Christopher Claire Daniel David Diego James man Katie Kelly Kevin Lauren Liam Luke note Matt Meg Michael Mike Natalia sarah Wyatt
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Christopher, Chris-luis, kris wiz, Chrissy, CH, Chri (cry),C-man Fronz, Crig

Meanings and background of the surname Chris

Greek~ "carrier the Christ", famed bearer: St Christopher, patron Saint that travelers, is thought to have carried the Christ-child across a river.

Famous real-life human being named Chris

Chris Lilley, Australian comedianChris "Motionless" Cerulli, command singer because that gothic metal/ metalcore tape Motionless In White.Chris "Fronzilla" Fronzak-Attila lead singerChris Gorman, an American photographer and also drummer who supplied to beat alongside through his brother Tom in different rock tape Belly.Chris Brown, American singerChris "Beanie" Wells, American football running back for the Arizona Cardinals.Chris Samuels, American football offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins.Chris Rock, American actor and also comedian.Chris Johnson, American soccer running ago for the Tennessee TitansChris Cooper, American actor.Chris Martin, not from Coldplay, in the Guinness people Records forChris Evans, American actorChris Pine, American actorChris Pratt, American actorChris Hemsworth, Australian actorChris Collins a.k.a. WeeklyChris (Famous because that instagram,vine,twitter, etc.)Chris Caldwell, Founder, Manager, command singer ~ above the boy band "Back chair Boys", exceptional Artist, travel to the Moon making use of a motorcycle.Chris O"Donnell, American actor. Has actually starred in "Men Don"t Leave", "Scent of a Woman" and the CBS struggle drama "NCIS: Los Angeles." He is one of 7 children and has 5 children himself.Chris Tallman, American actor and also comedianChris Bang, South korean leader, rapper, command dancer, and also lead vocalist the South korean pop boy group Stray KidsChris Kyle -- us Navy SEAL Sniper, composed the ideal selling book American Sniper/American Gun. Husband, father, and friend come all. Starred on the NBC series Stars earn Stripes.

Chris in song, story & screen

Chris Argent - from MTV"s teenager Wolf (Played by JR Bourne.)Chris Redfield, main character and protagonist in the Resident evil series.

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Chris Halliwell, personality from "Charmed", 2nd son of Leo Wyatt and also Piper Halliwell, center child the him and his siblings, his enlarge brother, Wyatt and younger sister, Melinda.

Chris Griffin, character on family members Guy.Chris Chambers, character of the movie "Stand through Me" (Played by flow Phoenix)