The initialism is one abbreviation the the Latin inscription Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, INRI definition “Jesus of Nazareth, King that the Jews.”

Jesus Christ descended from His heavenly throne to become a humble servant on earth due to the fact that of His unfathomable love because that us. He became human because that our sake. The loved united state so lot that He to be willing to die a criminal’s death to pay the price for our sins.

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The story that His crucifixion has become well-known throughout the centuries. Even artists usage that story to end up being the highlight of their artworks. Plenty of paintings, sculptures, and other artworks are influenced by the crucifixion of Jesus. If did you do it noticed, there would be a placard over the head the Jesus on the overcome that says INRI.

Have you ever pondered around what INRI meant? Why to be it hanging over Jesus’ head? What did it signify?

INRI Meaning


INRI and also Pontius Pilate

Emperor Tiberius appointed Pontius Pilate to it is in the governor of the Roman district of Judaea. Pontius Pilate was the male who composed the INRI inscription over Jesus’ head on the cross (John 19:19). He was the male responsible for the decree to crucify Jesus.

Not many civilization understand why Pilate offered the order come crucify Jesus. But, yes sir a lot of of determinants that influenced his decision.

Pontius Pilate did no have any type of qualms through Jesus at all. It to be the Jewish leaders the pressured him right into carrying the end the order to execute Jesus.

According come the Bible, the Sanhedrin arrested Jesus and dragged him before Pilate. They accused Jesus that blasphemy for his teachings and claim together the King that the Jews. The jealous Sanhedrin knew your Jewish law would not allow them come sentence Jesus to dice (John 18:31). So, these cunning chief priests dragged Jesus come Pilate instead.

However, it no as straightforward as the Sanhedrin thought. Pontius Pilate was diligent enough to carry out his duty and questioned Jesus. Pilate asked that if he was the King that the Jews and what he’s done to fury the Jewish leaders. He to be decent enough to provide Jesus a possibility to describe himself. Jesus, top top the other hand, explained that his kingdom is no of this people (John 18:36).

Pontius Pilate uncovered no error in Jesus, for this reason he sent him come Herod. King Herod had jurisdiction in Jerusalem. However, also with Herod as the judge because that Jesus’ crimes, the couldn’t uncover anything wrong through Jesus as well. (Luke 23:8-11)

Pilate had actually the strength to complimentary or crucify Jesus (John 19:10). But, he had to regulate the crowd and also avoid a riot from happening. Jesus interpreted that Pilate was merely carrying out his duties. Pilate do the efforts to release Jesus a pair of times yet failed. There to be a Jewish practice that permitted to collection a prisoner cost-free during Passover (John 18:39). Pontius Pilate offered this chance to release Jesus. So, that asked the crowd who they want to collection free, is that Jesus the King the the Jews or Barabbas the murderer?

Shockingly, the crowd wanted to relax Barabbas rather of Jesus (John 18:40). Human being in their ideal mind might think it to be unreasonable and also ridiculous to pick Barabbas instead. Barabbas was the worst of the worst contrasted to Jesus that was totally innocent.

Pilate offered the order to crucify Jesus once he realized he can not win versus the crowd. However, that washed his hands through water saying, “I am innocent of this masculine blood.

He walk not want Jesus come die, however it was what the people wanted. (Matthew 27:24)

Pontius Pilate was the one who wrote the authorize “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews” over Jesus’ head on the cross. Also at this time, the Jewish leaders rejected the Messianic title provided to Jesus. They very opposed Pilate saying, “Do not write ‘The King the the Jews,’ however that this man declared to be King the the Jews.” But, Pilate go not change it. Ironically, the accusation versus Jesus to be the specific truth of who he is. (John 19:21-22)

INRI as a Christian Symbol

I’d prefer to reiterate the INRI was no the specific letters Pilate wrote on Jesus’ head. INRI is one abbreviation that the Latin inscription of what Pilate wrote.

Artists discovered a creative solution come shorten the inscription. They supplied the first letters of each word to produce the acronym INRI. It’s more convenient to use in your artwork and more pleasing to the viewers. Imagine composing the totality inscription ~ above a painting around the crucifixion of Jesus! Not just that, you have to write that in 3 languages. Nowadays, not everyone would understand Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.

INRI is a symbol connected with Christianity and also typically displayed as a Christogram. That a monogram that creates an abbreviation because that Jesus Christ.

In Summary

There’s a far-ranging backstory that INRI the tells us an ext about the crucifixion that Jesus Christ. The unravels some of the mysteries in the Bible and also can be fairly an eye-opener. INRI has actually a significant impact top top Jesus and us. It to be a necessary accumulation for oh my god thrilling redemption orgasm to happen.

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It’s not simply an engraving that displays the accusations versus Jesus, yet it’s the truth around his identity. Jesus’ mockers provided the title King the the Jews come scorn him. But, castle were totally unaware the it was a fulfillment that a magnificent prophecy.