Coprophobia is the fear of feces or the act of defecation. It leads to fearing one’s own fecal matter, but many phobics might be much more afraid of comes in call with or viewing who else’s excrement. The word Coprophobia is a mix of two Greek words, specific koprana/copro i m sorry is fecal matter and also phobos meaning deep aversion or fear.

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To part extent, tiny amounts of fear may actually assist us. It speak the body to run or prepare itself to defend against danger. This is not the case with Coprophobia, i beg your pardon in excessive forms can reason a person to shot to completely stop defecating. Needless come say, this deserve to be an extremely harmful.

Let us examine the causes, symptoms, and also treatment options for Coprophobia.

Causes that Coprophobia

Feces or waste matter is expelled native the body and is a necessary component of digestion. Excrement look at unsightly, has actually a poor odor and also contains bacteria that can be harmful to the body. All these factors play vital role in the thought process of a Coprophobe.

The key difference between a normal fear and a phobia is that in a phobia, the individual has actually no regulate over the reactions he or she has towards the thing of their fears, in this case, fecal matter. So, the ns of manage makes the Coprophobe even much more scared of and also doubly uncomfortable about feces. A combination of genetic, biological, and psychological components plays a role in this phobia.

A kid may have actually heard too many stories about how emotional fecal matter deserve to be detrimental come health. Parents and caregivers may be overcautious or overanxious throughout potty training. This sometimes reasons the kid to try to avoid defecation.Mental reasons of the fear could be a traumatic occasion in the individual’s childhood/past. The phobic may have actually stepped in dog feces or collapse in it. As a result, castle may have been ridiculed or laughed at. This reasons the child to continue to be hyper-vigilant about avoiding feces and also the behavior extends right into adulthood. Your mind constantly has tendency to psychic the ‘experience’ together being worse than it in reality was.Often in death, the corpse empties the end the bowels. A young human who witnesses that have the right to have a lifelong fear of defecation and feces. The individual then develops particular ‘schemas’ which room basically a network of collections of believed patterns and beliefs around the dangers they may challenge upon encountering feces.Some Coprophobes space genetically wired to be ‘this way’. Overanxious parents can give rise come overanxious children. Details chemical imbalances in the brain can also cause excessive anxieties and phobias. There is likewise a link between depression and also phobias. Around 20-40% of world with anxieties experience from depression. Some human being get much better and recuperate from one problem but develop another.

Symptoms that Coprophobia

The symptom of Coprophobia have tendency to differ from person to person. In varying degrees, one could suffer from the complying with physical and psychological symptoms:

Physical symptoms

Shortness the breathTightness the chestAccelerated love rateSweatingHot or cold flashesShivering or tremblingSquealing, crying, screamingNausea, vomiting, ns of appetite

Psychological symptoms

Fear of fatality or dyingFeeling prefer running away, escaping, hidingFearing complete loss of manage or embarrassing oneself

Some Coprophobes protect against public bathrooms and toilets. They might even try to avoid defecation, hold on for as far as possible. Countless refuse come walk in dog parks where dog feces are common. Some phobics have an obstacle cleaning their toilets or, conversely, try to obsessively clean castle in order to stop seeing feces. Having babies or maintaining pets is often out the the question for these people. Even the believed of emotional or seeing poop have the right to be traumatic come the individual and also could lead to a full-blown panic attack.

Children through Coprophobia may present the complying with signs:

Excessive distress around defecation.Extreme worry around seeing, touching, flushing the toilet/feces.Persistent excess problem which could an outcome in absence of appetite.Excess fear or reluctance to walk to the bathroom.Recurring nightmares about feces.Physical complaints like headaches, vomiting, nausea, or stomach aches.Obsessive thoughts bring about obsessive actions like excess-washing turn off hands to get rid of germs, after utilizing the bathroom.

Treatment for are afraid of feces or defecation

Simple specific phobias are not that daunting to treat. Most world can get rid of or considerably reduce their tension symptoms using contemporary therapy methods. The an excellent news is that countless of these treatment approaches are not facility and you have the right to take castle step-by-step, in a short duration of time, and also sometimes also without the help of a therapist.

DIY therapy

Minor situations of Coprophobia have the right to be solved using self-help techniques. You can listen to relaxation music, meditate, store a journal, or try progressive muscle-relaxation and also positive visualization. Continuous exercise can also help. Studies have displayed that practice stimulates feel-good hormones or endorphins which significantly improve the mood and relieve anxiety.

Biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback is a good way that ‘measuring stress’. A trained biofeedback technician will certainly measure her heart-rate and also other biological functions and feed it earlier to friend in the kind of light and also sounds. You additionally learn exactly how to regulate stress making use of relaxation and cognitive techniques.


Certain types of psychotherapy, greatly cognitive actions therapy, are advantageous in treating anxiety disorders like Coprophobia. The method requires a an excellent mental health expert who can teach you just how to control the symptoms.

Cognitive behavior therapy or CBT regularly combines various other therapies favor drug therapy and gradual exposure therapy, wherein the phobic learns to ‘desensitize’ him/herself native the thing of your fear, in this instance feces. V exposure therapy, 60-80% of patient improve and in many cases, the benefits last for 2-4 years.

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CBT additionally teaches patient practical an abilities to assist them feel more in manage of the situation. Medicine can aid control extreme anxiety. Researches have shown that patients who usage a mix of CBT and also medication have fewer symptoms and also a reduced chance of relapse. In the long run, many patients are often able to avoid taking medicine or lower the dose.

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