This Friday, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a live-action reboot certification Megan Fox as April O'Neil, hits theaters. It's hard to believe, however this year marks the 30th anniversary the these 4 juvenile anthropomorphic turtles. And also food -- in particular, pizza -- has actually been one integral component of the TMNT franchise native inception (creators, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, frequently ate pizza while working on the cartoon).

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Here's a primer on all the necessary food truth you should know prior to heading to view the latest TMNT film.

Michelangelo loves pizza the most out the bunch, and in the Archie Comics and 1987 television series, the Turtles try a range of toppings, including clams, tuna, sauerkraut, chocolate, ice cream cream, bananas, jelly beans and peanut butter. James Rolfe, a.k.a. Angry video Game Nerd, conducts a "Michelangelo Pizza Taste Test" with friends (video above).


Michelangelo's quote "peanut butter and clams is an got taste" may be the understatement that the century, but it wasn't the worst-tasting pizza the turtles tried; that might be butterscotch, onion, and also anchovy pizza. Foodbeast managed to picture 24 that the many disgusting TMNT pizza orders in a method that provides them only look semi-unappetizing. Butterscotch, onion, and also anchovy is pictured, above.

Fun fact: turtle fans will have actually noticed the in the 2003 television series, the Turtles preferred pizza as children ("Attack of the Mousers" and also "The Lesson"), conversely, in the 2012 television series, the tortoise subsist ~ above algae and also worms cultivation up in the sewers, and it isn't until Raphael scares a pizza delivery guy from Antonio's that they find pizza proper.


The Shredder is mindful that pizzas are the Turtles' kryptonite and includes the in countless of his to plan to ruin them. Other pizza inventions featured top top TMNT incorporate pizza noodle soup, p-shake (a combination of pizza and also milkshake; pictured above), and pizza gyoza.

Turtleholics will remember Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle cereal. Introduced in 1989, the grain featured crunchie sweetened ninja "nets" (that looked suspiciously favor Chex grain pieces) and "ninja turtle" marshmallows; pizza-shaped marshmallows were added later. You have the right to still buy the cereal boxes, magnets, and also turtle bowls on eBay.

In 1990, Hostess released a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle Pudding Pie with environment-friendly sugar crust and vanilla pudding inside "fresh from the sewers come you." A Facebook group is trying to bring ago the discontinued snack, and the Surfing Pizza blog tried to re-create them at home.

Slightly an ext impressive 보다 the 1987 TMNT portable pizza thrower (commercial above) is the Pizza Hut-sponsored pizza thrower. Capable of throwing cardboard pizzas 30 feet at up to 20 feet every second, it debuted in ~ Comic Con.

Pizza Hut also designed 4 cheesy bites pizzas "based upon the personalities of every Turtle": Michelangelo: pepperoni, smoked ham, pineapple, and jalepenos; Donatello: chicken, mushrooms, eco-friendly peppers, Roma tomatoes; Leonardo: sweet red onions, black color olives, green peppers, mushrooms; Raphael: pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and beef.

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Since their launch top top July 7, Raphael's meat-heavy pizza has been the many popular. Cowabunga.