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Learning Outcomes

define the basis of VSEPR theory. Predict the forms of molecules making use of VSEPR theory. Suspect bond angles in a molecule. Account because that variations in bond angle on the loved one repulsive pressures exerted by lone pairs and also bonding pairs of electrons.

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Electron team geometry is the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in a molecule. The geometry the a molecule is an important factor that affects the physical and benidormclubdeportivo.orgical properties of a compound. Those properties include melting and also boiling points, solubility, density, and the types of benidormclubdeportivo.orgical reactions that a compound undergoes. In this section, you will discover a technique to guess the geometry the a molecule based upon a its Lewis electron dot structure.

Central Atom with No Lone Pairs

In order to conveniently understand the types of molecule possible, we will usage a an easy system to determine the parts of any kind of molecule.

(ceA =) main atom in a molecule

(ceB =) atoms bordering the central atom

Subscripts after ~ the (ceB) will represent the number of (ceB) atoms that room bonded to the central (ceA) atom. For example, (ceAB_4) is a molecule with a central atom surrounded by four covalently external inspection atoms. Again, that does not matter if those bonds room single, double, or triple bonds.


Beryllium hydride (left( ceBeH_2 ight)) consists of a central beryllium atom through two single bonds come hydrogen atoms. Note that it violates the octet rule, because the central atom has only 4 valence electrons. This is acceptable because beryllium only has two valence electron to start with, so the is not possible for it come create much more than 2 covalent bonds with hydrogen atoms.


According to the necessity that electron bag maximize their distance from one another, the 2 bonding pairs in the (ceBeH_2) molecules will certainly arrange us on directly opposite sides of the central (ceBe) atom. The result geometry is a linear molecule, shown in a "ball-and-stick" design in the figure below.

Figure (PageIndex1): (ceBeH_2)

The (ceH-Be-H) bond edge is (180^ exto) due to the fact that of its direct geometry.

Carbon dioxide is one more example the a molecule which falls under the (ceAB_2) category. The Lewis structure is composed of dual bonds in between the main carbon atom and also each oxygen atom.


The repulsion between the two double bonds ~ above either side of the carbon atom is no different than the repulsion in between the two single bonds top top either side of the beryllium in the ahead example. Because of this carbon dioxide is additionally linear, together this achieves the maximum distance in between the electron pair bonds.

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The geometry that the (ceBF_3) molecule is referred to as trigonal planar. The fluorine atoms space positioned at the vertices that an it is provided triangle. The (ceF-B-F) angle is (120^ exto), and also all four atoms lied in the very same plane.

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In order come maximize their distance from one another, the four groups the bonding electrons carry out not lied in the same plane. Instead, each of the hydrogen atoms lies at the corners f a geometrical shape dubbed a tetrahedron. The carbon atom is in ~ the facility of the tetrahedron. Each face of a tetrahedron is an equilateral triangle.

Figure (PageIndex4): (ceCH_4).

The electron group geometry the the methane molecule is referred to as tetrahedral. The (ceH-C-H) bond angles space (109.5^ exto), i beg your pardon is larger than the (90^ exto) the they would be if the molecule was planar. This way, the bonds room as much apart as possible to minimize electron repulsion. When illustration a structure formula because that a molecule such as methane, the is advantageous to have the ability to indicate the three-dimensional personality of the shape. The structural formula in the figure below is referred to as a perspective drawing. The dotted heat bond have to be visualized together going ago into the page, while the hard triangle bond must be visualized together coming out of the page.

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