Difference in between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

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The same an innovation applies to both women’s and also men’s golf clubs, yet the ladies’ clubs are shorter, less heavy and also much more flexible. The distinctions come in due to the smaller stature and also slower swinging speed of women, allowing them to make the many out the the clubs. Both female and male golfers need continuous swings that room able to create firm and also solid contact with the balls. However, both sexes have various body structures and mechanics i m sorry require different sets the clubs to carry out the very same task. The same way golfers have actually varying clubs for the different shots needed, women and men have various clubs that support each party in playing.

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What is Men’s Golf Clubs?

The men’s gold club is a club that is structured to fit the male’s structure and game play ability.

The men’s club has actually a hefty head with a strong shaft. It also features standard sized woods and iron rods. The standard size for men’s golf society steel 1 kind iron obelisk is 39.5 inches, and for stole 2 type iron shaft is 39 inches, i m sorry is difference of ½ inches, consequently, stole 3, stole is 38.5 inches, and also steel 6 iron, is 37.5 inches.

This as well uses to graphite iron obelisk with graphite 1 form iron pillar measure at 40 inches and also graphite 3 kind iron column measure in ~ 39 inches. The size of men’s golf society wedges standard size is measure up at 35 customs for stole wedges, and also 35.5 inches because that graphite edges. The typical men’s driver different from 9 come 11 degrees, which is an typical of 44 inches for steel driver and an median of 44.5 inches for graphite driver.

While stole 3, 4, 5, type of woods is measure at 42.5, 42, 41.5 customs respectively, and the 7 and 9 steel form of woods re-superstructure the very same unit, 41 inches. When the graphite 3, 4, 5, form of woods is measure at 43, 42.5, and also 41.5 inch respectively, and the graphite 7 and 9 form of woods have the very same units, 41.5 inches.

The standard grip of men’s society is longer in length. These standard measurements ensure to make optimal swinging speed and accuracy ~ above the golf course. However, over there are few exceptions come these conventional measurements, in a case where the user is much shorter or taller 보다 the traditional length; such an separation, personal, instance might consider custom size golf clubs. Thes have to however, happen approvals before being permitted in serious competitions.


What is Women’s Golf Club?

Women’s golf clubs are similar to the standard golf club, yet with tiny variations in dimension to accommodate the typical women’s waver speed and height. For instance, the average size for women’s steel and graphite woods has a distinction of 1 inch from the men’s steel and graphite woods. Which method the traditional measurement for women’s 3, 4, 5, steel type of wood is in ~ 41.5, 41, and 40.5 inch respectively, additionally the women’s graphite 3, 4, 5, kind of timber is measure at 42, 41.5, 40.5 customs respectively. And also the women’s society wood has actually high loft of 12-13 degrees.

The average measurement because that women’s steel type 1 and also 2 iron shafts is measure up at 38.5 inches and also 38 customs respectively, which is less of conventional measurement the men’s steel iron pillar by 1 inch. Therefore the stole 6 iron column would be measure up at 36.5 inches. In the exact same vein, graphite type 1, 2 and also 3 iron column is measured in ~ 39 inches, 38.5 and 38 inch respectively.

The ladies standard size of stole wedges is measured at 34 inches and also graphite is measured at 34.5 inches. The women’s hands room too small in dimension to have a ideal grip, which, thus, necessitates the design of women’s grip, fairly smaller in diameter to permit an proper grip. The mediate in the basic standard measurements for women’s golf club is but necessary, for females are fairly shorter with less strength compared to men.

Differences in between Men’s and also Women’s Golf Clubs

Flexibility of the Golf Clubs

A standard women’s pillar is much more flexible compared to the men’s shaft to cater for slow swing speeds famous with women.

Shaft Design

The women’s column is do of graphite which makes it lighter 보다 the men’s which have the right to be made of either steel or graphite.

Driver Size

Women’s driver is lighter contrasted to the men’s driver, and also the women’s driver is much less than 1 customs in comparison to the men’s driver.


Women’s grip is little in size contrasted to men’s grip size. The smaller sized grip size of women’s golf club, permits a firmer grip.


The women’s wood pillar standard measurement is different from the men’s conventional measurement by an inch, and varying degrees of loft.


The women’s iron tower quite different from the men’s iron pillar by 1 inch, for this reason to support softer flex iron.

Club Head

The men’s society head space relatively higher than the women’s club head.

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Overall weight of the Golf Clubs

The weight of the women’s golf club is lot lighter than that that the men’s.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Golf Clubs : comparison Chart


Summary that Men’s Vs. Women’s Golf Clubs

The same regulations apply in both men’s and also women’s golf clubs.Both golf clubs are made through the same materials though different in size.The grip of the women’s golf society is little in diameter contrasted to men’s golf clubThe conventional measurement of the iron, driver and also woods tower of men’s and women’s golf society differs through 1 inch.The men’s club head is heavier 보다 the women’s society head.