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Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese is a form of white curd cheese that’s brined. In greek (its origin), Feta cheese is either made of sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep and also goat’s milk. In Europe, Feta-like and also Feta versions room made using cow’s milk (in part or in whole).

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The structure of Feta cheese is semi-soft. It is likewise crumbly in texture, specifically when aged. Together for the taste, it’s quite salty – but you deserve to rinse the cheese under running water if you desire to to wash off some of its saltiness.

Feta cheese is a flexible (and delicious) cheese it is often consisted of in salads and pastries. It can likewise be offered as is together appetizer and side dish.

What is Goat Cheese

Goat cheese, i beg your pardon is made from goat’s milk, has actually a unique taste. That flavor deserve to be explained as mildly tart and also subtle in taste (not really salty).

To do Goat cheese, it deserve to be curdled naturally and also then drained. To accomplish a an ext solid form, it have the right to be pressed. It’s a semi-soft kind of cheese, it is why its form can it is in altered.

Goat cheese can additionally be make by including an acidic ingredient (vinegar or lemon juice) come the milk mixture. The milk will then coagulate and slowly form into cheese during the curing process.

You can automatically consume freshly made Goat cheese. You have the right to also allow it come age and become firmer. When aged, Goat cheese is generally brined to keep the cheese.

Differences between Feta Cheese and Goat Cheese

Difference #1 Nutritional Value

As with other types of food, cheese has actually its own pros and cons when it pertains to its nutritional content. Come differentiate in between Feta and also Goat cheese, remember this things:


Feta has actually fewer calories 보다 Goat cheese. Feta only has 264 calories every 100 grams, when Goat cheese has 364 calories per 100 grams.
Feta has actually lower (total) fat content 보다 Goat cheese. A offer of 100 grams of Feta cheese has actually 21 grams that fat while Goat cheese has actually 30 grams of fat every 100 grams.
Feta has greater cholesterol content 보다 Goat cheese. A 100-gram offer of Feta contains 89 mg of cholesterol while a hundred-gram Goat cheese only has 79 mg cholesterol.
Feta is an extremely high in sodium – a 100-gram serving consists of 1,116 mg of sodium. On the various other hand, a 100-gram offer of Goat cheese only carries roughly 515 mg that sodium.
Feta is low in protein – with only 14 grams the protein per 100-gram serving. Goat cheese contains greater protein due to the fact that it carries around 22 grams protein per serving of 100 grams.

Goat cheese

Note: Feta has a distinct characteristic that sets it apart from other species of cheese. It come with great bacteria (like those uncovered in yogurts) that have the right to combat Listeria (a form of bacteria).

Difference # 2 – Taste

All kinds of cheese really perform taste an excellent – and also they all have their distinctive tastes. To to compare the taste of Feta and Goat cheese, mental the following:

Difference #3 – Texture


Feta Cheese Recipe

Different species of cheese have various textures. Save these things in mind when trying come distinguish between Feta and Goat cheese:

Feta is a firm type of cheese – it is why it have the right to be cubed and stored in brine together such. Although it’s semi-solid in that is chunky form, it conveniently crumbles (especially as soon as heated up). Girlfriend see, Feta have the right to be manually crumbled and included to dishes.

Unlike Feta cheese, Goat cheese is more delicate in nature. And because of this, that crumbles an ext easily 보다 Feta cheese. Yes, Goat cheese is softer 보다 Feta cheese.


Goat Cheese

Difference #4 – Ingredients

Milk is the main ingredient in make cheese. And milk have the right to be sourced indigenous cows, sheep, water buffalos, and goats. Once it involves their milk sources, Feta and Goat cheese are different due to the fact that of the following:

Feta cheese ingredients can incorporate these milk sources:


Greek-made Feta cheese provides sheep’s milk (70% or more) and also goat’s milk (30% or less).

American-made Feta cheese uses milk from cows only.

Goat cheese is solely made indigenous goat’s milk where it’s make (Greece, France, UK, Italy, etc.).


Q: Is Feta goat cheese or cow?

A: first of all, Feta is various from Goat cheese. And also while Goat cheese (a form of cheese) is do from goat’s milk, Feta is made from a mix of sheep and also goat’s milk. Over there are also Feta cheese products that room made from pure cow’s milk.

Q: can you substitute Feta because that Goat cheese?

A: You have the right to substitute Feta because that goat cheese and vice versa, as long as friend are aware of their differences in taste and also texture. It, therefore, depends on her recipe – Feta is salty, when Goat cheese is somewhat sweeter in nature. Together for their texture, Goat cheese is more delicate and also crumblier 보다 Feta (both job-related well in salads).

Q: What is Feta Cheese an excellent for?

A: as well as its unique taste, Feta cheese contains vitamins and also minerals. Feta also carries tummy-friendly bacteria the will assist protect you from Listeria.

Q: Is Gorgonzola Goat cheese?

A: No, Gorgonzola is various from Goat cheese. While Gorgonzola is do from cow’s milk, Goat cheese is made from goat’s milk. As far as their textures space concerned, however, both space soft and also crumbly.

Q: Is Blue Cheese Goat Cheese?

A: No, Blue cheese and Goat cheese are not the same. Together you already know, Goat cheese is do from goat’s milk. Meanwhile, Blue cheese can be made from cow, sheep, and also goat’s milk.


Goat Cheese Recipe

Top 3 Feta and also Goat Cheese Recipes

Top 1 – baked Feta and also Goat Cheese Dip

Combining Feta and Goat cheese will an outcome in a wonderful combination of flavors. This certain recipe will make a dip and also it entails baking (to melt the cheeses). Girlfriend only require a few ingredients for this dip, such as the following:

Goat cheeseFeta cheeseThyme (fresh)Olive oil

Here room the steps involved in do this recipe:


In a bowl, integrate the Goat cheese and Feta cheese. Mix fine (but permit a few lumps come remain).
Add chopped thyme to the cheese mixture.
Add olive oil.
Mix whatever up till well combined.
Transfer the mixture to an oven-safe dish.
Drizzle some olive oil top top top and put a little piece of thyme over the mixture.
Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around 20 minute (until the cheese mixture is melted and also the peak is golden brown).
Serve through bread sticks.

Top 2 – Feta Cheese vegetable Salad

Feta cheese goes well v a fresh vegetable salad. To make this particular recipe, you require the complying with ingredients:

Feta cheeseCucumberTomatoesOnionParsley (fresh)Oregano (fresh)Salt and also pepper (to taste)(optional) Romaine lettuce

For the dressing:

Olive oilLemon juiceBalsamic vinegar

Follow these steps to do this delicious salad recipe:


Prepare Feta cheese (cubed).
Peel, seed, and also cut the cucumbers (cubes).
Dice the tomatoes.
Slice the red onion.
Cut olives in half.
Chop the parsley.
Chop the oregano.
(optional) cut Romaine Lettuce into tiny pieces.
Mix everything in a bowl.
Add the dressing come the mixture.
Toss and serve.
Note: If girlfriend like, you have the right to substitute Goat cheese for the Feta cheese ingredient.

Top 3 – Spinach Feta Omelet

Here’s a delicious, healthy and balanced omelet dish. You only need the complying with ingredients for this particular recipe:

EggsFeta cheeseSpinachOilButterPepperGarlic powder

Here space the measures to do the omelet:


Heat oil and butter in a pan.


Add in scrambled eggs (mixed through a little water).
Add the spinach.
Add ground pepper and garlic powder.
Add Feta cheese.​
Fold the omelet over the filling and allow to cook for a few more minutes.​
Turn off the heat and also flip the omelet over to further cook (on residual heat).
Remove native the pan and serve.
Note: You deserve to use Goat cheese instead of Feta cheese.

Feta Vs. Goat Cheese

I hope you learned a lot from this post and also now know exactly how to distinguish Feta cheese from Goat cheese. I have also noted you through recipes wherein you deserve to use the 2 varieties of cheeses.

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Remember, Goat cheese and also Feta cheese have the right to substitute for each other. Girlfriend can as such use any kind of of these species of cheese also when only one of them is required in a recipe. If girlfriend ask me, lock both an excellent – and also they’re both yummy!

Let me understand which is your favorite cheese by leaving a blog post in the comment crate below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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