You"ve most likely heard the 2 wedding state "maid that honor" and "matron that honor" gift tossed around—but what specifically is the difference? The answer has actually nothing to perform with their age or closeness come the bride.

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Ancient Romans believed that angry spirits haunted wedding receptions. To defend the bride and also groom, they would dress the wedding party in identical outfits to confused the spirits. Through helping her weave an fragrant floral crown, wedding party members can further assist the bride ward off evil. Maids and matrons the honor also helped the bride dress before the ceremony, a legacy that continues to be alive and also well today.

What"s the Difference in between a Maid and also Matron that Honor?

So what is a matron of honor anyway? If the bride"s honor attendant happens to be married, that human being is technically a matron that honor. If the bride choose a love one who happens to it is in unmarried, that human is technically a maid of honor. Brief version: "Matron" amounts to married, and "maid" equates to unmarried. That"s it!

What is the function of the Matron that Honor?

Married or not, the bride"s top lady has actually the same important role and responsibilities. MOH duties like organizing the bachelorette party, gift a donate confidante and signing the marriage license are all in the project description. And also while these room the literal definitions for a maid and also matron of honor, it"s in reality not unusual to hear a married honor attendant referred to as the maid of honor—for no various other reason 보다 the reality that "maid the honor" often tends to roll off the tongue a little much more easily. But if you"re wondering what location to give your respect attendant ~ above something choose your wedding regimen or her wedding party proposal, go with matron of honor (unless she"s entirely averse to the description).

Can You have actually a Maid that Honor and also a Matron that Honor?

The bride is also welcome come have an ext than one respect attendant, whether she chooses 2 maids the honor, 2 matrons of respect or among each. There"s no need to select one maid of honor vs. A matron of respect – if you"re lucky enough to have actually both married and also unmarried friend to aid celebrate your large day, invite two human being to fulfill the roles. Surround yourself v loving, trustworthy civilization during your wedding and you"re certain to do memories that will certainly last a lifetime.

Who go First: Maid of honor vs. Matron that Honor

Either a maid or a matron that honor might walk first in the wedding processional. Frequently carrying a floral bouquet, they"ll often walk down the aisle alone or alongside the best man. If you incorporate both a maid and matron of honor in your ceremony, you have the flexibility to choose either human being to to walk first.

Traditions room important, but contemporary wedding etiquette is as functional as ever. Whether you prefer to pick just one matron that honor, assign the location to many friends, or make everyone in her wedding party a bridesmaid, the selection is entirely yours. Pick and also choose which legacies make most sense because that your large day – that"s the beauty, beauty of plan your very own wedding.



Diana"s older sisters, Lady Sarah and also Lady Jane, both wore the Spencer household heirloom for your weddings.

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