Main difference – thesaurus vs.Thesaurus

Both dictionary and thesaurus room reference books for words and are important tools for writers and also language learners. The main difference in between dictionary and also thesaurus is the a dictionary is a book that contains the spelling, an interpretation and pronunciation of separation, personal, instance words in a language whereas thesaurus is a publication that provides synonyms for words.

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What is a Dictionary

A dictionary can be described as a arsenal of indigenous in one or much more specific languages noted alphabetically, which provides definitions, meanings, and pronunciations of words. Once you find an unfamiliar word, you have the right to look up the word in a dictionary; the dictionary will provide you the meaning, pronunciation, orthography, and even the origins of that word. Thus, it can be claimed that the target of a thesaurus is to describe the orthography, pronunciation and also signification of indigenous in a certain language.

A thesaurus can additionally refer come a publication of native in one language through their equivalents in one more language. This type of dictionary is especially beneficial to language learners, tourists and also translators.

Dictionary can be further classified as basic dictionaries and specialized dictionaries. Committed dictionaries save on computer words that belong to certain fields such together medicine, business, IT, etc.

Given below is one excerpt indigenous a thesaurus entry.

Recover /rɪˈkʌvə/ (transitive) to uncover again or achieve the return of (something lost); to regain (loss of money, position, time, etc.); recoup….

Compare this entry through the complying with excerpt native a bilingual dictionary. (French – English)

Recouvrir recover; enfant cover increase again (couvrir entièrement) cover (de with); (cacher, embrasser) cover


What is a Thesaurus

A thesaurus is a reference publication that includes words of similar meaning. The is arranged one of two people in alphabetical or theoretical order. A thesaurus come in use when you are searching for synonyms for specific words to protect against repetition. Unequal a dictionary, a thesaurus go not offer the meaning, an interpretation or etymology of a word. That draws our attention the similarities in between words and assist united state in selecting the precise word. Sometimes, they suggest antonyms as well.Roget’s Thesaurus (1852) compiled by Peter note Roget is considered to be the an initial modern thesaurus.

Here is an example of a thesaurus entry because that the verb recover

Recover (verb): get better, improve, obtain well, recuperate, pick up, heal, revive, come round, bounce back, mend, revolve the corner, traction through, convalesce, it is in on the mend, take a revolve for the better….


Difference between Dictionary and Thesaurus


Dictionary consists of meaning, definition, pronunciation, orthography, etymology, component of speech of a word.

Thesaurus has synonyms and antonyms of words.


The aim of a dictionary is to provide orthography, pronunciation and signification of native in a particular language.

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The aim of a thesaurus is to aid the writer to find more suitable words and also avoid the repetition of terms.