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‘she trudged v blinding snow’‘With heavy steps that trudged over to the open cell door where the security waited.’‘He"d just driven a few yards under the road as soon as he observed Sienna trudging follow me slowly.’‘She climate trudged up the three actions to the key door and also rang the doorbell.’‘She offered a heavy sigh and trudged off towards the front door of she school.’‘Slipping ~ above a red plaid robe over her nightgown, Lydie gradually trudged come the front door.’‘As i drove top top the downtown departure ramp, an exhausted black woman trudged in the direction of me, she head down.’‘Members trudged bravely v the eye for the January meeting, those snowed in sent their apologies.’‘We trudged increase a long trip of rock steps to the highest suggest in the village.’‘The household watched them together they trudged exhaustedly in the direction of the nearest pulsating camp fire.’‘Snow to be everywhere, and we trudged with a blizzard to choose up our snowboards.’‘A half an hour later, they were trudging up a snow spanned hill, breathing heavily.’‘My husband was waiting for me in the external hall and also together we began trudging v the thick snow.’‘Gwyn ongoing trudging across the sands as the critical rays the light gradually faded to violet streaks throughout the sky.’‘After dinner Sandra cleaned she plate and also then trudged earlier up the stair to her room.’‘But nevertheless, she left the room and also trudged up the stairs to the ship"s deck.’‘He pulled on a pair of dark jeans, and also trudged under the stairs, grumbling about it gift so early.’‘I gained up and also we all walked out of the music room and also trudged come the front door in silence.’‘Surveyors, trudging barefoot through the mud, grounding flags into the soggy earth marking the city limits.’‘All along the course to the park, us passed human being wearily trudging back.’