draft n. A preliminary sketch, summary or version. E.g. The author"s an initial draft

Interestingly, Merriam-Webster also provides a meaning for "rough draft".

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rough draft, a an initial version of something. E.g. I just completed a unstable draft of mine speech

Q1. Is "rough draft" offered ONLY for "a an initial draft" (i.e. Not for "a 2nd draft"?)

Q2. Is "rough" somewhat redundant, since "draft" by meaning is preliminary ?



As good writing is a recursive endeavor, a very first draft is no necessarily identical to the an initial draft. How rough or refined a preliminary variation of a written work might seem rests soley v the author or editor, no some objective top quality inherent, say, in gemstones, indigenous which the metaphor of rough to sleek is drawn.

Some writers, specifically journalists, deserve to turn the end print-ready copy in one go; others need several versions. With computer system word processing and also internet publication, a written text is theoretically never in a addressed form, the is, the last polish could remain forever elusive.

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From a quick google I discovered that some various other dictionaries agree through Merriam Webster the a "rough draft" is a an initial draft: dictionary.com and oxford dictionaries.

I disagree. Ns don"t check out "rough draft" as a link noun, I see "draft" as a noun and "rough" as an adjective, meaning:

not refined or perfected in any kind of detail; rudimentary; no elaborate


Therefore a "rough draft" is "a draft that is no perfected in any detail".

I have the right to see the adhering to conversation:

Manager: Bob, did you manage to carry out anything through the rough draft of the report i beg your pardon Alice started?

Bob: Yeah, however I only had actually 10 minutes for it last night. I added in a couple of chapter title which Alice hadn"t included, yet I haven"t put any type of detail in; it"s quiet a rough draft.

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"Rough" right here isn"t redundant, it"s one intensifier. A "draft" might be preliminary, however a "rough draft" is very preliminary. You can start through a "rough draft", edit it into a "reasonable draft", modify it again into a "final draft" and also then revolve it right into a "published version".