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This question originates from Karl:

I’m thinking around buying a retractable equipment aircraft v 250 HP engine indigenous a CFI who shed his medical. I am certified in high perfomrance AC (C-182) yet I only have under 2 hrs the retract time.

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I’m interested in acquisition a trip in the AC and also he speak me that because I have actually a present medical and rating in a high power AC, the I could be the legit PIC, also though ns am not seen in this plane. He would certainly fly in addition to me, of course.

This doesn’t seem best to me. What carry out you think?

Hi Karl. Many thanks for your question. There room a few things that you have to think about here 1) Legality and also 2) Insurance and 3) Safety.


According to far 61.31paragraph f, in order to act together a pilot in command the an plane which has an engine of much more than 200 horsepower you must have received and logged ground and flight training from an instructor and also you must have an high performance endorsement from that instructor in your logbook. In addition, if you desire to be pilot in command of a complicated aircraft, much 61.31(e) claims that friend must likewise have ground and flight maintain in complex airplanes v logbook endorsement. And also just together a reminder, a complicated aircraft has flaps, retractable gear and a controllable pitch propeller. So that means if the aircraft you room wanting come buy is a complex, high performance aircraft you need 2 different logbook endorsements (not ratings). Together a next note, these endorsements room one time events.


Every insurance company and policy is different. I would certainly recommend checking with the plan on the plane to make sure you fulfill the open pilot provisions. It can require friend to have actually so lot time in the make and also model or it might require a proficiency check in the make and also model by an authorized instructor. Like I said, every policy is different. That is ideal to call and talk through the insurance company or broker if girlfriend have any kind of questions about your policy.


If you feeling uncomfortable paris this aircraft with this various other pilot, don’t execute it, even if is “legal”. Uncover a pilot or instructor who meets every the provisions over PLUS someone you feel comfortable flying with. There are many stories of pilots gaining themselves eliminated flying unfamiliar aircraft. In situation you missed it, below is my an individual story of paris a unfamiliar airplane.

Hope this helps. Permit me understand what you decision to do and if girlfriend buy it.

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Fly for sure (and legal)


David Johnson top top Mar 16, 2016

I strong agree with your comments about the importance of both becoming familiar through any aircraft you have not flown and also being comfortable through a pilot or CFI that checks you the end in an airplane, yet you absolutely aren’t doing lot for the benefit of third class medical reform in you an answer to the ‘doesn’t it seems to be ~ right’ comment about flying with someone that no longer has actually a medical certificate!

As a pilot and also CFI that no much longer holds a medical certificate, and who has actually studied the worries surrounding medical qualifications come fly, drive, and also do thousands of other things in everyday life that can potentially put other people in danger, i am offended by the implication that we are rightly singled the end for special clinical certification by a commonwealth gov’t authority in order to fly. If the CFI is median fit to journey on our congested streets and highways, is otherwise standard to give a checkout in the airplane, and also the pilot being checked has actually endorsements because that both high performance and complicated airplanes, there is certain no cause for problem unless there room other causes for discomfort. ‘Other’ could include such things as general attitude, me aggrandizement, reputation, etc., yet it certainly shouldn’t incorporate the straightforward fact that he no longer holds a clinical certificate uneven there is other evidence that he is truly medically unqualified to fly.

Yes, you must be comfortable with another pilot who checks girlfriend out, but stop sustaining the notion that we need the FAA to tell us if we space medically qualified to carry out something the is much safer than numerous other points in life the are just as attention to other people yet don’t require the freedom killing certification that a gov’t bureaucrat.