Create a slide Presentation

Topics include:Create on slide ContentCreate a new SlideMulti Level Bulleted Lists

A PowerPoint has two techniques for producing a on slide presentation:

Choose a theme templateCreate a blank presentation (this technique is spanned in Unit 3)

PowerPoint software program has built in and complimentary online pre-designed templates the contain various shade schemes and pre-arranged aspects in a slide, eg. Text and graphics. Select a template and PowerPoint will format the whole presentation according to that template.

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Steps to picking a design template template:

Open PowerPoint.At the PowerPoint window, click the file tab, then click New.The available Templates and Themes display will appear, click an available template or download a free template from the office.com virtual templates.
Once you have selected the wanted template, it will certainly be shown in typical view. New slides deserve to be included as needed.Tips & Tricks

A template template have the right to be included to a presentation before, during or after friend have included the presentation content.

To use various templates to a presentation, click the architecture tab, then click on the wanted template in the themes group.


Create a new Slide

Whether you space using a pre-made theme design template or working from your own design, the is an extremely easy come insert a new slide.

In the slide pane click on the slide where you would favor the new slide to appear below.Click on the New Slide button located on the Home tab in the Slides group.
The new slide should show up below the selected slide. If you want to add a new slide in between two, pick the an initial of the 2 slides and click New Slide.Notice the brand-new Slide button contains a brand-new Slide switch arrow. Click on the arrow to view different slide layouts. Another means to readjust the slide layout is by clicking the Layout button situated in the Slides group. The on slide layout alternative determines the position of the objects top top a slide. Simply click the layout you want to use and it will show up in the slide pane.
Create on slide Content

Entering text and also images into your presentation slide is easy and also fun. Once using the theme layout the very first slide to appear in normal view is referred to as the Title Slide.

The location slide is the slide the is supplied to introduce the presentation to the audience. It has two message placeholders because that text: title message placeholder and also sub-title message placeholder. Placeholders room the building blocks for a PowerPoint slide.


To insert text in a placeholder, left click within of the textbox and begin typing. Once you have entered text, click exterior the text box to see how your text looks. The placeholder climate becomes one object. One object is any type of item ~ above a on slide that can be manipulated. Objects are the building blocks that consist of a slide. A message object deserve to moved around and also repositioned on a slide.

A thing is selected as soon as there is a gray, bold outline roughly the object, and when the cursor turns right into a cross. Approximately the selected thing are tiny white circles that are referred to as sizing handles. You deserve to drag the handles to position the object.

To apply formatting to text inside an object, choose the message with your cursor, then click on the Home tab and also in the Font group include text features such together bold, underline, and italics. The Paragraph group, located next to the Font group, contains commands that enable you to change the alignment the text, insert number or bullets to lists, and also indent text.

You can likewise edit your text by accessing the Font dialogue box by click the Font group dialogue box launcher. (The dialogue box launcher is the little button include a diagonal arrow that displays in the reduced right edge of the group.) The Font conversation box has special impacts such as: twin strikethrough, superscript and also subscript.


Another quick and also easy method to style slides is by using a slide master. A Slide Master will alleviate the measures needed to style all the slides in a presentation. Any type of changes do in the slide master will influence all slides in the presentation. This allows for consistency in any kind of presentation.

When you choose a theme theme PowerPoint automatically adds a slide master. To layout the slide grasp click the View tab and also then choose Slide master located in the Presentation check out group.


A slide master shows up in the on slide pane and in the Outline/Slide pane. The largest thumbnail in the pane is the slide master and the various other thumbnails represent connected layouts.Click top top the grasp slide or a certain layout to use formatting or themes. Once formatting transforms have been made click Close master View to go back to the regular view.


For much more information on on slide Masters take this link to Microsoft tips for making use of Slide Masters.

Multi Level Bulleted Lists

PowerPoint enables information come be presented as multilevel bulleted lists. Bulleted list are supplied in PowerPoint to display levels of prominence within the presentation. Assorted slide layouts in the on slide Layout task pane save on computer bullets. To add multi level to a bulleted perform you need to select the appropriate layout.

The first-level bullet will be presented under the title placeholder. As soon as you have actually typed her text beside the first-level bullet push Enter on your keyboard. The new first-level bullet automatically appears. Push Tab on your keyboard and the first-level cartridge becomes a second level bullet. Press Shift + Tab this will certainly decrease the indent and also bring the bullet earlier to very first level.

Another an approach to include levels to your presentation is by clicking the decrease list level or rise list level buttons top top the Paragraph group in the Home tab.

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You deserve to customize the bullets in your presentation by choosing the Bullets and also Numbering dialogue crate from Paragraph group situated in the Home tab. Select the cartridge text, click on the fall down arrow next to Bullets or Numbering, click on Bullets and Numbering, then choose the native the pre-designed bullets.