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This feeling story by note Twain is thought about a frame narrative because it is composed of a story in ~ a story. The outer story, the frame story, is the story that the narrator"s communication with Simon Wheeler. This story has actually its very own conflict--the narrator vs. Simon Wheeler--and its very own story arc....

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This humorous story by mark Twain is thought about a framework narrative since it consists of a story in ~ a story. The external story, the framework story, is the story that the narrator"s interaction with Simon Wheeler. This story has its very own conflict--the narrator vs. Simon Wheeler--and its own story arc. The inciting occurrence is where the narrator meets Simon Wheeler as a result of a friend"s useful joke. The action rises when Wheeler backs the narrator into a corner and starts assailing him v his "monotonous narrative." The "inside story" that Wheeler speak is part of the rising activity of the external story. The orgasm of the external story comes as soon as Wheeler is called away, enabling the narrator to do his getaway, and also the falling action is when he says his good-bye come the "good-natured, garrulous" old man. 

Within the frame, over there is an additional story, and also that is the tale told by Simon Wheeler. If Wheeler has actually his listener "blockaded ... Through his chair," he tells the story the Jim Smiley, a guy who to be "always betting ~ above anything." The rising action occurs as miscellaneous exploits that Smiley room related, including his basic proclivity for gambling, his wins and also losses with his "fifteen-minute nag," his bull-pup Andrew Jackson, and finally his frog, Dan"l Webster. The incident of Dan"l Webster through the stranger brings this story come its orgasm as the stranger wins the bet by deceit. The falling action is once Smiley figures out the stranger has filled his frog v buckshot and goes after the "feller, however he never ever ketched him." 

From the resolution the the Jim Smiley story, the narrative return to the outer frame story the the narrator and Simon Wheeler, feeding right right into the orgasm of the story. Because it has two story in one, an within story and an outer story, this story qualifies as a structure narrative.