While most world drive the entire distance to the chain of obstacle islands turn off the coastline of phibìc Carolina recognized as the external Banks, some pick to fly a part of the means instead.

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Unless friend have accessibility to a small, two to five-person non-commercial airplane, you should publication your trip for either the airport in Norfolk or close to Raleigh.

Here is some additional info top top the two significant airports that are situated in near proximity to the outer Banks.


Norfolk global Airport

Distance native Kitty Hawk, NC: About 80 MilesDrive Time to external Banks: About 1.5 hours (Depending on website traffic Conditions)

American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and also United airlines all fly right into this relativity small international airport located near the shore in southeastern Virginia. Norfolk knowingly Airport is the closest in proximity come the Outer banks of any significant airport. Most world who room traveling to the OBX by aircraft fly right into Norfolk.

There are methods to rental a auto to journey from the airplane to your vacation rental home, condo or hotel ~ above the obstacle islands. You can of course likewise schedule a taxi or Uber driver if you won’t be needing a car during your vacation.

It takes around an hour-and-a-half to three hours to reach Kitty hawk from Norfolk International based upon the time the year and traffic conditions. If you come in the afternoon on a Saturday in the summer, intend your journey to the OBX to take close to three hours.

Norfolk international Airport2200 Norview AveNorfolk, VA 23518


Raleigh–Durham global Airport

Distance from Nags Head, NC: About 210 MilesDrive Time to external Banks: About 3.25 Hours

A much bigger and also nicer airport than the one in Norfolk, Raleigh-Durham worldwide Airport is about a three-and-a-half-hour journey from the town of Nags Head, NC.

Fewer civilization who space traveling to the OBX fly into this airport, however, the pilgrimage along united state 64 deserve to be much more enjoyable 보다 the journey along us 158 native Norfolk to Kitty Hawk. Although Norfolk worldwide is closer in proximity to the Outer financial institutions than Raleigh-Durham International, it may take much longer to with the barrier islands offered the traffic problems on us 158.

If you want to invest a day trying out the area in central North Carolina, over there is plenty to perform in view in Raleigh and Durham! We recommend checking out battle each other Gardens or the phibìc Carolina Museum of organic Science.

Raleigh-Durham international Airport2400 john Brantley BlvdMorrisville, NC 27560

Other, smaller Airports top top the outer Banks

If you are fortunate enough to own your own small private plane or have actually friends or family members members that do, you should consider flying into one of these three smaller airports provided below:

Currituck County regional Airport

Built through the united States military Air forces in 1942, the Currituck local Airport was used as one emergency landing airfield for military aircraft on cultivate flights.

The airfield was closed after world War II and also was later on handed end to Currituck County that presently manages every airport operations.

Currituck County local Airport264 airplane RoadMaple, NC 27956

First flight Airport

Owned and also operated by the U.S. National Park Service, first Flight airplane is situated a stone"s litter away indigenous the light Brother’s nationwide Memorial.

Mostly little Cessna aircraft use the runway nowadays. In the late-1800s and early-1900s, the wright brothers carried out hundreds of pre-flight gliding experiments.

First trip Airport1000 N Croatan HighwayKill adversary Hills, NC 27948

Dare County regional Airport

Located in the town of Manteo on the northwestern portion of Roanoke Island, challenge County regional Airport is the best of the three little airports we’ve listed. Tiny planes space constantly taking off and landing throughout the summer months with pilots one of two people towing a banner advertisement behind your aircraft or giving passengers one aerial tourism of the barrier islands.

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Dare County regional Airport410 airport RoadManteo, NC 27954

No matter how you travel, you’re sure to have a memorable experience during your OBX getaway.

With unmatched natural beauty and also a plethora that fun activities to choose from, the Outer financial institutions is one place you’ll love visiting time and time again!