Airports close to South Padre Island, Texas

Brownsville/South Padre international Airport (BRO)

The Brownsville airplane is the closest airport to southern Padre Island, Texas. Situated only 25 mile by auto inland, the Brownsville plane is a brief drive. Continental airlines flies right into Brownsville 800-525-0280. The Rio Transit can take friend from the airport to port Isabel for only $2. Then as soon as in harbor Isabel, you have the right to transfer to The Wave and continue onto everywhere on the island for free.

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Valley international Airport Harlingen (HRL)

The Harlingen plane is a much larger airport 보다 the Brownsville Airport. Harlingen plane is just 45 minute from southern Padre Island. Continental airlines flies into HRL 800-525-0280, as well as Southwest airline 800-435-9792. Harlingen airplane now has the southern Padre spaceship which only prices $20 to acquire from the airport to south Padre Island. As soon as you are prepared to leave the island, the will also pick girlfriend up and also take you earlier to Harlingen airport for only $20. See an ext information below around the southern Padre Shuttle.

Miller worldwide Airport McAllen (MFE)

McAllen international Airport is roughly 1 1/2 hours by car from southern Padre Island.American airlines 800-433-7300 flies right into MFE, and Continental 800-525-0280.

Bus transportation system

The south Padre Island subway Shuttle

The wave is the local bus the runs up and down the key strip of south Padre Island, Texas. The wave is a free bus, and also runs every 20-30 minutes. You deserve to stand all over in town and and wait for The tide to pass and jump on. Then simply request a stop and also get off whereby necessary! The tide is a an excellent way come get approximately the island for really cheap, complimentary in fact. It operation 7am - 9pm everyday, and will also take you throughout the bridge. 2015 southern Padre Island subway Shuttle Schedule

Valley Metro

The Valley subway shuttle will take you anywhere the Rio Grande Valley. The shuttle only expenses $2, and also meets up through The SPI subway in harbor Isablel. This enables you to get from southern Padre Island to the rest of the Rio Grande valley for very inexpensive.

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2015 Valley subway Shuttle Schedule

South Padre Shuttle

The southern Padre spaceship is not expected to be confused with The Wave. The southern Padre Shuttle simple runs from Harlingen airplane to southern Padre Island. It prices $25 to travel One-way or $40 ring trip between the island and also the airport, and you deserve to make bookings for that to pick you increase in advance.

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