It is even if it is you room willing to division the money and share the benefits with others.

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This is to recognize the motivational result of "money" and also move from simple to excellent.

whereby is the gap between the master and the optimal master?

This is to know that "money" is the cheapest thing in the world, from great to extreme.

Second meal

Once, I had actually dinner v some entrepreneurs.

one of them is consulting companies and also governments. He has done a an excellent job, earning 10s of countless dollars a year.

However, I deserve to still plainly feel his entanglement.

he told me:

We authorize every business and also every order under the sun.

we don"t sing with leaders, don"t give presents to others, don"t ingredient money in the document bag, simply rely ~ above our an innovation and solutions to assist customers enhance efficiency, and also then we division a small bit that money native the middle.

After i listened, i was relieved and helpless.

I to be gratified the they can do points with an extremely positive values. They room helpless v the techniques of particular industries. Some human being even think that such practices are right.

over there are numerous companies in this people who hope the they deserve to make money cleanly, but as lengthy as they room a tiny "right", they can"t endure at all.


Because over there is no value.

there is no value, for this reason we need to invite world to eat, drink with people, and also give gifts to people, otherwise there will be no company to do.

When you have actually no value, others will certainly ask you for money.

once I was still in ~ Microsoft, i dealt with countless government officials.

benidormclubdeportivo.orge team and I went to fulfill the governor of a certain province. The branch is was standing here, and also me is standing over there. This heat is was standing by various other leaders, and also that heat is stand by other colleagues. Then, everyone gained up to investigate the project.

on the way, the governor introduced us to our future plans, and I additionally expressed our expectation on behalf of Microsoft.

in ~ this time, execute you think he will certainly ask you for money?

will not. If participation can be achieved, it will be a win-win situation.

for Microsoft, that got much better resources. For the governor, it not only assisted create more jobs, but likewise had a much better political performance, i beg your pardon would benefit the party.

and what that can get is far more important 보다 money.

as soon as you can carry out real value, no one will ask you because that money.

So, ns told this entrepreneur that I have confiscated any type of money and also never sent any kind of money. You must believe that you room right. This road deserve to not only go through, but also go a lengthy way.

Money is the cheapest point in the world. And also the value you can adbenidormclubdeportivo.orgister is much an ext important 보다 money.



Three scenes

So, you likewise know that talent training, intimacy, and education of youngsters are all the same.

We constantly think that providing money can retain terrific talents, however we forget the respect, belonging and also self-realization that employees really want.

We always think that offering money can keep ours heart, however we forget the greetings, cares and also warmths the the other party yes, really wants.

We always think that giving money is worthy of ours children, yet we forget the company, coexistence and happy time our children really want.

This is why, over there are always “employees” who leave, “girls” who leave you, and “bad kids” who execute not teach well.

us think money can solve all problems, however money is the cheapest thing.

Money may not be exchanged for an excellent generals, perfect love and a good child.

If you know this truth, maybe numerous things can be done better.



Two views

So, I have actually two vital points to share with you.

First, the significance of company is transaction. The significance of transaction is value exchange.

just how do we reach participation with others and also get results that both parties room satisfied with?

First that all, you need to be valuable.

If you can"t carry out it yourself, climate no communication an approach or negotiation strategy will certainly work. Don"t reprimand others.

once you have actually value, you lug your very own value to others and say:

"This is what i can carry out to you. Pardon me, can I change to this through you?"

Then, the 2 sides exchange value, profession on an equal footing, and win-win for each other.

It"s that simple? It"s the simple.

However, many human being do not understand.

That"s why, there will certainly be many human being "harbenidormclubdeportivo.orgg others". Due to the fact that he didn"t have actually anything, he wanted to north the white wolf v his hands empty, and in the finish he can only come up with many tricks.

This is why, many world end increase "distracting themselves". Because I don"t know value exchange, i don"t know exactly how to put my own value in former of the various other party.

And once you have actually no value, others don"t recognize what castle can obtain from you, so they need to ask for money.

you will uncover someday that the points that can be exchanged because that money space actually cheap things. Things that are much more expensive and harder deserve to only be exchanged for genuine value.

Second, the starting point for all businesses is to advantage consumers.

~ above the other hand, the civilization is really strange. As soon as you have actually no value, others can only ask for money. However when you want to make money yourself, if over there is no value, you can"t do money.

friend may have actually heard this sentence thousands of times, and your ear have come to be calluses. However, some human being may tho think the these space pretty words. Although ns agree top top the surface, I think that just making money is the beginning point for business.

It"s not. Do money is never ever the beginning, but the end.

plenty of celebrities choose to open restaurants, and also it began to be really lively, however within a couple of days, the door was unsuccessful, and finally close up door down.


pan love celebrities, and celebrities carry "traffic" to restaurants. Everyone wanted to shot it, reasoning in your hearts, what about the almighty watch a star?

However, after eating because that the second time, ns won"t come again.

Because it"s not tasty in ~ all. Therefore, there is no "repurchase rate". For restaurants, of course, the repurchase price is much more important.

The restaurant is opened in a resolved location, no matter exactly how influential the celebrity is, it have the right to only serve a restricted crowd of a couple of kilometers nearby. But if the dishes are not good, these civilization will never ever come again.

there is no the repurchase rate, there will be fewer and fewer "limited people" till the door is closed.

However, there are many people who can"t do something as basic as "delicious".

Money is just the result. Value is much an ext important than money.

If friend look in ~ it this way, girlfriend will know that money is the cheapest point in the world.


Final words

So, where is the gap in between people?

Some human being know how to score money and are ready to share the benefits. Lock even think that money can make the ghosts go ahead.

If there is no value, others can only asking you for money.

If there is no value, girlfriend can"t do money at all.

Money is the result. The is the cheapest thing in the world.

much more important than money is value.

This is cognition, but also a pattern.

discovering this, countless things might be clear. If you recognize it, you recognize what come do.

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