Temperature 17°C 63°F High Temperature
23°C 73°F short Temperature
10°C 50°F job Temperature 21.9°C 71°F Night Temperature 17.8°C 64°F Sunshine hours
7 hrs Rainfall 52 mm Rainfall days 10 days Sea Temperature
24°C 75°F
Tenerife 132984
Bali 107377
Marrakesh 104490
Malta 101946
Rome 87613
Lanzarote 85957
Florida 81064
London 80058
Dubai 77665
brand-new York 74274
Gran Canaria 72864
Punta cana 71383
Cancun 67564
Maldives 66028
Los Angeles 65772
Paris 65373
Barcelona 65278
Orlando 65010
Fuerteventura 59497
Bangkok 55383

What"s the weather favor in Orlando in December?

In December the temperature in Orlando, Florida is an extremely pleasant. The humidity at night method you won"t obtain cold in the evenings, but be sure to fill some warmer clothes, too. December"s a renowned month because that visiting the layout parks however the queues are an ext bearable than in height summer. 

What"s The Weather choose in Orlando in ~ Christmas?

The mild temperatures and famous design template parks do Orlando a favourite family location over the Christmas holidays. In 2018 the typical temperature because that the day was 16°C and also sunny and also the year prior to was 20°C and sunny. Both vault Christmas work would have reached high of about 23°C.

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How warm Is Orlando In December?

The average daytime temperature is generally around 17°C with high of 23°C. And the average quantity of sunshine supposed per day is seven hrs - seven more than you"d view on a typical UK job in December!

Does it Rain In Orlando In December?

There are slight chances of rain in December, but it comes and also goes quickly. The chances of wet weather throughout the month are for around eight work and average precipitation is simply 52 mm.

Orlando hotels in December

There room plenty of many hotels close come the major attractions if you plan to visit them because that the Christmas festivities.

Waldorf Astoria Bonnet Creek Resort

If you"re heading come Disney, why not shot the lavish Waldorf Astoria Bonnet Creek Resort. Tee turn off at the 18-hole golf course, gain pampered at the full-service spa and unwind in a 3-acre lazy river. If you want to get active there"s an on-site jogging trail, fitness centre or you can rent a bike.

Drury Inn and also Suites Orlando

Or for a centrally located mid-range hotel there"s Drury Inn and also Suites Orlando, highly-rated by families. Your motto is "The Extras aren"t Extra" therefore you"ll obtain lots of complimentary stuff consisting of cooked breakfasts, soft drinks and also popcorn 3pm to 10pm and a buffet in ~ the "5.30pm Kickback".

Bars and also Restaurants

There"s a variety of amazing places to eat and drink in Orlando.

Treasure Tavern

For a dinner show like no other, head to Treasure Tavern on transport Drive. This extravagant dining suffer combines burlesque, comedy, music and magic through upscale cuisine. Reap a four-course meal and some rum as the remarkable dancers and performers provide you through a tantalizing show.

K Restaurant and Wine

K Restaurant and also Wine Bar on Edgewater drive serves up great value, high quality cuisine do with locally sourced produce. Every Wednesday in between 11:30am and 2pm you can obtain a delicious burgess for just $5. Why not try their Friday Night Flights on the critical Friday that the month? Head come the garden between 6pm and 8pm because that a casual alcohol tasting and try six various wines because that $20.

Orena sporting activities Bar

If you"re in search of a watering hole where you can acquire a snack and watch part sports, head to Orena sporting activities Bar on worldwide Drive. Sip on a cold beer together you watch baseball, football or hockey ~ above the huge screen. Swimming pool tables, darts, a ping pong table and video clip games will keep you entertained, and also if you acquire peckish you have the right to sample the chicken wings, burgers or mozzarella sticks.

Red Coconut Club

Party pets should get down to Red Coconut Club, the hippest ar at CityWalk Universal. The décor is a quirky combination of 50s ras Vegas, Cuban and Polynesian styles. Mingle v lively crowds at the bars, chill out on a vintage sofa or merely stargaze top top the balcony. Take a chair on a bongo-shaped bar stool and choose from your signature martinis and gourmet appetizers.

Things to carry out in Orlando in December

There"s lot of to keep you busy throughout the day in Orlando.


While you"re in alligator central, why no head to Gatorland theme park and wildlife preserve? house to the Screamin" Gator Zipline, you deserve to defy gravity and soar end Cuban and Nile crocodiles prior to zooming over the Alligator breeding Marsh through one hundred and thirty alligators watching native below. Become a trainer because that the day, shot rookie alligator wrestling and also hold one of the many dangerous line alive. Don"t miss out on the exceptional Gator Jumparoo present or the thrilling Gator Wrestlin" Show.

Pirate"s Cove Mini-Golf

The award-winning Pirate"s Cove Mini-Golf is swashbuckling fun for the totality family. Pick from the Captain"s Course, Blackbeard"s challenge or 36-Hole Adventure and go on a pirate-themed journey v tropical vegetation, cascading waterfalls, sunken ships, and eerie dungeons.

Orlando Museum of Art

Art buffs must not miss out on a visit to Orlando Museum the Art in Lochaven Park. Every month it master a various exhibition on-site and off-site and also at this time the year you deserve to visit Festival of Trees with terrific Christmas displays, a Gingerbread village and Toyland Town. You have the right to also try out art programs, studio classes and art appreciation lectures.

Dates because that the diary

In December there are a selection of Christmas and new Year"s celebrations come get connected with.

Now Snowing in Celebration

In Celebration town Centre there"s Now Snowing in Celebration, a month-long winter wonderland occasion with an ice rink, carollers, horse-drawn carriage rides and even photo methods with Santa. The main function of the spectacular is the nightly snowfall at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

Christmas at DisneyWorld

Over at Magic Kingdom in Disney World there"s the fun-filled Mickey"s really Merry Christmas Party. Enjoy the festivities ~ above selected nights in November and also December with a Christmas parade featuring Santa Claus himself, a magic snowfall on main Street USA and one the the ideal fireworks screens of the year, vacation Wishes.

Christmas at global Studios

The Macy"s holiday Parade at Universal Studios features the gigantic floats right from The Macy"s Thanksgiving job Parade in NYC. The roads will come alive v festive music, marching bands, floats past your creativity and of course, Santa.

Christmas at Sea World

Or there"s SeaWorld"s Christmas Celebration with eye falling in ~ the waterfront and also performances by classic musicians and also carollers to obtain you in the festive mood.

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New Year Celebrations

Planning to go to Orlando for new Year? You can visit the key theme parks for parties and fireworks. For New Year"s in ~ Magic Kingdom there"s the Fantasy in the sky Fireworks in ~ 11:50pm before a party in prior of the castle. For New Year"s in ~ Epcot there is special ending to the IllumiNations display at 6:30pm and also 11:40pm, if there room DJ dance parties in ~ the Future people Fountain Stage and also the American Gardens Theatre. Or you could see in the new Year with a musical celebration and fireworks display for New Year"s eve at Seaworld.