Ever want to audition because that American Idol? through the present season winding down, it’s time to begin thinking around next year’s competition. If you have actually a voice you want the people to hear, we’re here to help you figure things out.

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Check the end our guide below for information around how to try out for the show, including eligibility requirements and also what to perform on the work of her audition. This is based upon the 2018 audition information, so it may be subject to change. (However, the display is at this time linking come it, so it shouldn’t be also different.)

How come Prepare For her American Idol Audition

Before you do anything, make sure you accomplish the show’s eligibility requirements. You must be in between 15 and 28 year old top top the date listed. (Last year it to be June 1, so we imagine it will be about the very same time this year.) friend must likewise be a legitimate U.S. Resident and also not have contended in the peak 10 of a ahead season.

You deserve to find more detailed eligibility needs here. Once you recognize you’re enabled to shot out, go ahead and register on the audition site. The present will send you updates about audition cities. If you’re under 18, a parent or guardian should register on her behalf.

The audition cities for 2019 have yet to it is in announced, but you can check here because that the 2018 locations, to obtain an idea of wherein the show can be top for open calls. Critical year’s auditions took place in August and also September.


What To carry out On The day Of your Audition

If friend registered online, you can pick up a wristband and seat ticket in ~ the Check-In/Registration Line as soon as you with the audition location. The show likewise advises signing the personal Release beforehand and also bringing it v you. If friend haven’t registered online, you can likewise register in person beginning at 9 a.m. Top top the audition day. Be sure to lug a photo of yourself and a precious ID come prove your age.

You can lug one human being with you in ~ the audition, yet they must additionally receive a wristband in ~ Check-In/Registration. Nobody under 5 year old is permitted at auditions. If you’re under 18, your parent or guardian need to sign your an individual Release and accompany friend at every times.

Tentative audition time are between 9 a.m. And also 5 p.m. Camping overnight to gain a clues is no allowed, and also some cities might not enable you to line up before 6 a.m.

What To sing In your Audition

Once you’ve acquired all the logistical stuff out of the way, it’s time to begin thinking about what you want to sing to show off her talent. You deserve to either song a cappella or accompanied by one instrument. You might be asked come sing 2 to three songs, so make sure you have actually multiple options.

If you obtain a callback, you may be inquiry to sing one tune off a producer’s list, and also another song of your choice — both a cappella. Store in mind that you’ll need to go through multiple rounds of auditions prior to you have actually a opportunity to accomplish the judges and get that golden ticket.

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If friend can’t do it to an open up call, you can also submit one audition online. Last year, hopefuls could additionally share your talent on society media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and also Musical.ly) using the hashtag #TheNextIdol. Save an eye top top the American Idol website and also social media for information about this year’s virtual auditions.

American Idol Audition Advice

Want part advice ~ above auditioning for Season 2?