Everyone loves the Disney Princesses! They obtain all the adulation. Every the limelight. However it’s time to provide some a shoutout come the guys of Disney…the Disney Princes! lock come in all sorts the personalizes – silly, shy, pompous, quiet – yet they all have one thing in usual – in the finish they room heroes and loved through all!


Who room the Disney Princes?

There space 10 civilization considered to be Disney Princes. They are:

Prince Ferdinand/FlorianPrince CharmingPrince PhilipPrince NaveenFlynn RiderPrince AdamPrince EricAladdinLi ShangJohn Smith

Just favor the Princesses, everyone has a favorite and also so we space going come go through the Princes in no particular order.

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Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs – Prince Ferdinand/Florian


Disney Princess: eye White

Referred come as just “The Prince,” Prince Ferdinand (also well-known as Florian) is from eye White and The seven Dwarves. We are never ever told his name in the movie!

He to be the very first ever Disney Prince, but he no make lot of an appearance in the film. The Prince shows up in the start of the movie, singing through Snow White, and also at the finish of the movie where he rescues eye White from her stepmother’s curse.

You can find out every the names of the 7 Dwarves and fun facts on every one of them here!

Cinderella – Prince Charming


Disney Princess: Cindrella

Prince Charming is the prince from Cinderella. Is Charming his first or critical name? Nobody really knows! Prince Charming’s father, The King, throws a royal ball in really hopes that the Prince will find a woman to marry. Prince Charming at an initial is really opposed to marrying, yet after conference Cinderella at the sphere he drops in love. Girlfriend can uncover out much more about Cinderella here.

Prince Charming is a really likeable human as the is non-saw in detect Cinderella after ~ she quickly leaves the ball without revealing she actual identity. He knows what the wants and won’t provide up.

Did friend know… The carousel in the Magic Kingdom’s official name is Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel? It supplied to be called Cinderella’s gold Carrousel until 2010 as soon as the attraction gained renamed to far better fit plans because that Fantasyland.

Sleeping beauty beauty – Prince Philip


Disney Princess: Aurora (also frequently known as resting Beauty)

Prince Philip is Aurora’s love attention from resting Beauty. The is rumored the Prince Philip was named after England’s Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip the Edinburgh. Prince Philip is the son of King Hubert and Queen Ingrith. His trusty steed is Samson.

He is loyal and also super reliable which makes Prince Philip a an extremely likable and well respect Prince.

Prince Philip was recorded by Maleficent and put right into a dungeon top top the Forbidden Mountain. The good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather pertained to Prince Philips rescue. The offer him the knife of Truth and also the Shield of Virtue – weapons of righteousness that will certainly triumph over evil. Prince Philip uses these devices to at some point kill Maleficent who had turned herself into a dragon.

Prince Philip at some point wakes up sleeping Beauty v true love’s kiss – i m sorry in turn also wakes up the rest of the castle who had actually been put right into a magical slumber. Of course, Philip and Aurora finish up living happily ever before after!

The Princess and The Frog – Prince Naveen


Disney Princess: Tiana

Prince Naveen is the Prince that Maldonia. His parents are the King and also Queen and also he has a younger brother called Prince Ralphie. Prince Naveen has a valet called Lawrence.

Prince Naveen beginning out as a spoiled, lazy, selfish prince whose only problem is life life to the fullest. Prince Naveen is reduced out of his parental fortune which renders Naveen desire to marry a affluent woman called Charlotte La Bouff. Naveen makes a address an evil v doctor named Dr. Facilier, and in the procedure gets tricked and also turned right into a frog. The only way to turn earlier into a human is to kiss a princess.

Prince Naveen meets Tiana and mistakenly believes she to be a princess. ~ convincing she to kiss him, Tiana likewise turns into a frog. As time progresses, Naveen and Tiana fall in love. Prince Naveen realizes that true love is an ext important than money and transforming back into a human. He decides he would rather be a frog with Tiana than a human without her. Tiana and also Prince Naveen marry….and as they kiss lock both turn ago into humans! Tiana married a prince i m sorry made her a princess – and also their kiss damaged the spell!

Tangled – Flynn Rider


Disney Princess: Rapunzel

Flynn Rider is just one of our favorites. Flynn was called Horace in ~ birth, later on named Eugene Fitzherbert, and of food is most famed as Flynn Rider. In the movie Tangled, Flynn admits the he was raised in one orphanage and does not give any type of indication the he is an actual imperial prince. We later on learn in Tangled: The Series that Flynn is in reality the kid of King Edmund, make Flynn the Prince that The Dark Kingdom.

Flynn driver is a famous thief who ends increase hiding in Rapunzel’s tower after stealing a crown. Rapunzel convinces Flynn come escort her to the kingdom in order to check out the Festival of Lights. Flynn agrees, and the remainder is fairy story history!

Flynn’s personality is storage of the infamous Indiana Jones and also Han Solo. Flynn is supposedly named after Erroll Flynn, a famed actor native the golden age of Hollywood. Countless critics say the Flynn and also Rapunzel’s personalities in Tangled provide this movie a romantic comedy feeling that plenty of of the various other princess movies don’t have actually – make this movie with a more comprehensive audience.

Beauty and The Beast – Prince Adam


Disney Princess: Belle

The Beast indigenous Beauty and also the Beast. His real name is Prince Adam however we will certainly just call him, The Beast. We know nothing about the Beast’s family.

When we very first meet the Beast we discover out that he was when a handsome prince who refused to offer shelter and care to an old woman. The woman revealed it s her to it is in an enchantress and put the Beast and all his servants under a spell. In order because that the Beast and his servants to return to being humans, the beast needed to find someone to loss in love through him and kiss before the petal off the magic increased fell. Here we view the Beast despise his appearance and fall deep right into anger and bitterness.

Belle’s father, Maurice, comes to the Beast’s home seeking refuge after shedding his horse. The Beast refuses to market mercy to Maurice and also takes him together prisoner. At some point Belle comes trying to find her father, and the supplies herself in exchange for Maurice. The Beast agrees, and Belle is now his prisoner.

Over time, Belle works v the servants to soften the Beast’s personality and also heart and the two finish up making a connection. The friendship deepens, and also there is a note of love. The Beast has actually transformed native a ruthless, angry creature to a kind, caring friend. That no much longer despises his appearance and we watch him brush his hair and even acquire dressed up.

When Gaston concerns the castle through an angry mob to death the Beast and take Belle because that himself, the castle occupants fight back. In the battle. That is below that we watch the full revolution of the Beast. Gaston tells the Beast that Belle will never ever love him, and the Beast take away Gaston and also holds him over the leaf of a balcony. Gaston begs for mercy and also the Beast grants it come him – Gaston is to reduce on a rooftop and also the Beast speak him come leave and never return.

The Beast leaves Gaston and also climbs to accomplish Belle top top a balcony. Together they embrace, Gaston stabs the Beast in the back, resulting in him come flail his arms and knock Gaston turn off the castle. Belle traction the Beast on come the balcony together he falls unconscious. Belle realizes she loves the Beast, kisses him together he is dying, and also he transformed earlier into his person form.

The small Mermaid – Prince Eric


Disney Princess: Ariel

Prince Eric from the little Mermaid. This is one Prince the we favor right native the acquire go! we are never told the name of Prince Eric’s kingdom – all we know is that it is seaside. We likewise don’t know much of anything about Eric’s family – it seems that his parents are no much longer alive.

Eric’s manservant and ally is Grimsby. Chef Louis and Carlotta also work in Prince Eric’s castle. Eric’s sheepdog, Max, is usually v him.

Eric is an experienced sailer and a wonderful swimmer. He is loved by his kingdom and they eagerly await his marital relationship to a princess. Eric is also able to play the flute.

We very first meet Prince Eric together he is celebrate his birthday on a ship at sea. We discover out the he is holding out for marital relationship until that meets “the one.” during a storm, Eric’s ship records on fire and he is knocked unconscious right into the sea. Ariel rescues him, sings for him, and also Eric can’t gain the voice out of his head.

After Ariel provides a deal with the sea with Ursala to come to be human for 3 days, Ariel and Eric ultimately officially meet. Eric instantly knows she is “the one,” but since Ariel has traded her voice for human legs she is can not to talk. Eric knows his true love is the woman who rescued him and sang because that him therefore he no longer believes that Ariel is his true love.

Here is whereby Prince Eric’s true personality come out! he is a true gentleman and also treats Ariel with good kindness, patience and understanding. What a guy! while Ariel’s friends shot to acquire Eric come kiss her, Eric gradually starts to loss in love with Ariel.

Eventually, Ursula transforms herself into a woman and also uses Ariel’s voice and her magic come hypnotize Prince Eric. Eric hears the voice that the mrs who saved him native the shipwreck, and, in a trance, decides to marry the woman through the voice – the sea witch.

Scuttle, Flounder, Sebastian, and also Max all job-related together to rest the order Ursula has cast on Eric. They succeed – Ariel gets she voice earlier and Ursula turns back into the sea biology she is. She creates a large storm and also separates Eric from Ariel. Eric jumps top top a shipwrecked watercraft that has come to the surface in the storm and jams the mast right into Ursula, death her and also breaking the spells she has put ~ above the merpeople.

Eric ends up worn down on the shore. Meanwhile, King Triton transforms Ariel right into a human and also Ariel and Prince Eric embrace. Ariel and also Eric finish up obtaining married, and Eric is embraced by King Triton and al the merpeople.

Aladdin – Aladdin


Disney Princess: Jasmine

Aladdin is the course, native the movie Aladdin. Aladdin is a bad kid who stays in the highways in the kingdom of Agrabah. We know nothing about his family – us simply know he walk not have one. Aladdin hangs out through his monkey named Abu.

He is Mr. Energy with loads of imagination and also creativity attached come him. Aladdin is supervisor likeable with kind of a boyish, devil-may-care personality the is fun to watch. That is optimistic, clevery, and witty. We additionally know the Aladdin looks the end for those much less fortunate 보다 himself – we watch him given an apple that stole for self to part hungry children.

Aladdin and Jasmine first meet once Jasmine left the castle disguised together a typical citizen. The two invest time together, and eventually castle are caught by a palace guard because that stealing some fruit. Jasmine reveals it s her to it is in the princess in stimulate to conserve Aladdin. Jasmine’s arrangement fails and also Aladdin is put in a dungeon where Abu rescues him. Aladdin is then met by Jafar who promises him flexibility in exchange because that retrieving the magic lamp from the cave of Wonders.

Aladdin agrees, retrieves the lamp, and through a food of events ends up shedding Jafar in some chaos while in ~ the same time becoming the understand of the genie of the lamp. The genie grants Aladdin 3 wishes, and also Aladdin decides he desires to end up being a prince in order to be with Jasmine. Aladdin is transformed into Prince Ali. He promises the genie that with his 3rd wish he will certainly se the genie free.

Prince Ali and also Jasmine end up walk on a magic carpet ride together. Jasmine recognizes Prince Ali and Jasmine and becomes upset the he has lied to her. Aladdin struggles with feeling inadequate to be with a princess and also continues to consist of stories rather than tell the truth. Aladdin insurance claims that the is a prince that occasionally dresses as a civilian – and also Jasmine to trust him.

Jafar ends up throwing Aladdin into the ocean in bespeak to protect against Jasmine and also Aladdin indigenous marrying every other. The genie rescues Aladdin – however Jafar’s bird Iago steals the lamp and Jafar i do not care the understand of the genie.

Chaos ensues, and Aladdin’s cleverness top Jafar right into using his third wish to come to be an all-powerful genie. Jafar renders the wish – and gets sucked into a lamp through Iago. V Jafar gone, Aladdin has the alternative to usage his 3rd wish to have actually Jasmine fall in love through him together Prince Ali. However, Aladdin decides he doesn’t want to ~ pretend to be anyone rather anymore. Aladdin stays true to his word come the genie and uses his 3rd wish to collection the genie free.

Jasmine loves Aladdin for that she is, and also her father, the Sultan, alters the law for them to marry and live happily ever before after.

Mulan – Li Shang


Disney Princess: Mulan

Captain Li Shang is Mulan’s love interest. The is the child of basic General Li. Captain Li aspires to monitor in his father’s footsteps and also lead “China’s best troops.” he is very strong and expert in bojutsu.

Shang is appointed an military captain through his father beforehand in the movie. The is placed in fee of a rag tag group of men – and included in this team is Mulan, disguised together a guy going by the name Ping. Mulan’s struggled with the training, prompting Shang come send she home. However, the next day, Mulan completed a difficult feat and was permitted to stay.

Shang is notified to relocate his unit come the Tung Shao happen to help reinforce the imperial Army. On the way, that comes throughout a town destroyed by the Hun army. It is over there he learn of the death of his father. Shang realizes that his unit is the critical defense in between the royal City and also the Hun Army.

Shang meets the Hun military after their location is accidentally given away. Shang realizes they are outnumbered and prepares for his final battle. Fortunately, Mulan – quiet disguised together Ping – sets turn off an avalanche and also stops the Huns. Shang is recorded in the avalanche however saved through Mulan.

Mulan’s true identity is discovered while gaining treated for fight wounds. The punishment for for a mrs being in the military is death, yet Shang conserves Mulan. Since Mulan conserved his life, the owes she a debt of gratitude. Shang then pipeline to command the military to the imperial City.

Shang and his troops space honored for defeating the Huns, yet they are absent Mulan. Soon, Mulan mirrors up come let them understand that the Huns space actually tho alive. Shang has challenge trusting Mulan at this point, together he is frustrated that she trickery him about her true identity. A fight between the Huns and the Shang’s army ensue – and ends v a success for Mulan, Shang, and also the imperial Army.

We watch Shang’s adjust of heart in the direction of Mulan as he is just one of the an initial to bow to she after the Emperor honors her together the hero the China. As Mulan prepares to walk home, Shang struggles with informing her just how he feels about her. Mulan leaves, and also after receiving advice indigenous Emperor, Shang goes come Mulan’s home. It is there the the two finally connect and Shang join’s Mulan’s family for dinner.

Pocahontas – man Smith


all image via Disney.Fandom.com

Disney Princess: Pocahontas

John smith from Pocahontas. No really a Prince however we needed to placed him in the list because of his significant “Disney Male” role. Man Smith is one English explorer in 1607 and also his personality is loose based turn off the actual historical figure.

John blacksmith is an explorer, adventurer, and also solider. The is supposedly legendary together we room told there space “amazing stories about him.” His protege is Thomas. He is the captain the a ship headed come the brand-new World.

John and the settlers begin working top top a swarm named Jamestown, Virgina. John is tasked through scouting, and it is below that the meets Pocahontas. They connect for some time, until Pocahontas hears drums and also runs off.

A few days later on John meets up with Pocahontas again. This is as soon as he tells her the they are trying to find gold. She assures him that there is no gold in the land. When John lets Pocahontas know he has no plan of returning to England, Pocahontas decides to introduce him come Grandmother Willow. Grandmother willow scares far Ben and also Lon who have actually gone trying to find John.

When man returns come the camp he lets Governor Ratcliffe understand that “an Indian” has actually told him the there is no yellow in the land. John tries to sway Ratcliffe that there are advantage to working through the Indians, and shows the an ear the corn. Ratcliffe refuses, and also informs the settlers that anyone who does no kill one Indian on website will be tried for treason and hanged.

Later that night, john sneaks out of camp and also tells Pocahontas that his world will be attacking her people. She states that she people, also, are preparing for war. Unbeknownst to John, he was complied with by Thomas. Pocahontas tells man that the only way to prevent this upcoming battle is because that him to go speak to her father, chef Powhatan. After conversation and persuasion by granny Willow, John and Pocahontas re-publishing a kiss. In ~ this moment, john is struck by Kocoum, who had complied with Pocahontas. Kocooum is eliminated by thomas in an effort to save John.

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John is then recorded by Pocahontas’ people and Thomas notifies the settlers of the capture. Battle is around to ensue the next morning as john is lugged to the leaf of a cliff. Powhaton is about to execute John when Pocahontas declares she love because that him and also convinces the civilization to no go come battle. As everyone lowers your weapons, Ratcliffe attempts come shoot Powhaton, and John jumps in prior of him and takes the bullet.

Pocahontas has actually a different ending 보다 the other princess movies as John and Pocahontas execute not finish up together. John requirements to return to England for clinical care, and also the two depart.

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