The location of this inquiry says the all.Are over there nouns for longer periods than a millennium ?

I average words designating a specific variety of years.

Era, age and also epoch don"t count together they just show a duration of time (possibly fairly long) that is not counted in years, however that is characterized by that a characteristics of the period.(E.g the "Age the the Dinosaurs" was a fair variety of millions of years, but not a specific number.)


There is presently nothing the comes next.

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Some state referenced do have year values assigned come them (Epoch at 1,000,000 years and Aeon in ~ 1,000,000,000 years) yet common intake relates to geology time durations which space not consistent in length.

Once beyond millennia we use numbers of year such together "One Hundred-Thousand Years", or some use metric prefixes to "annum" (for example megaannum as referenced in Wikipedia) but they room basically the same idea. To monitor the very same principle native a Latin root kind (as Decade, Century etc are latin) climate `Decem millennium" (10,000 years) would certainly arguably be closest to our currently words but it would be i can not qualify to see usual use.


The following stop after ~ millennium is terasecondFor rounded variety of years, it"s megaannum

An exciting table can be uncovered here



Acccumulation is correct: words myriad technically supposed 10,000 and could be helpful in 8,000 or so years.

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The native "myriad" is regularly used to just mean "large number", yet technically means 10,000. It doesn"t specifically average "10,000 years", but it could be used in that context. "Myriayear" would typical "10,000 years", yet is unlikely to it is in understood.

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