Yes, MB is greater than KB.

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This is because of the binary device representation in computers and electronics. For her knowledge, Kilobyte is the unit byte the digital info whereas Megabyte is the lot of of the unit byte information. The unit symbol because that Kilobyte is KB and also for the Megabyte, that is represented as 106 with the unit price of MB.


1 KB = 1000 Bytes in decimal (base 10) and 1024 bytes in Binary (base 2)

1 MB = 1000 Kilobytes in decimal and also 1024 kilobytes in Binary

Is KB bigger than MB?

Are girlfriend looking to discover the systems to whether KB is bigger than MB? If so, you are in the ideal spot. The prize is NO, not a KB is bigger than MB. stop dive in to discover the factor for this question.


KB is a notation provided for kilobytes which is the unit byte the digital revolution wherein MB is the notation offered for Megabytes i m sorry is nothing however a many of the digital transformation.

In various other words,

One Kb is same to 0.001 MB in decimal and also 0.0009765625 MB in binary.

One Mb is same to 1.000.000 bytes in decimal and 1.048.576 bytes in the binary.

From the over demonstration, you can see MB is a thousand time bigger 보다 a Kilobyte. Hence, Mb is better than Kb.

Which is enlarge Mb or Kb?

If you space thinking around which is larger Mb or Kb? friend can find the perfect illustration here. In this chart, ns am going come list out the unit representation in addition to the values next to it for your expertise purpose:

Find the possible units and values here:

One little bit value is one of two people 0 or 1’s One nibble is same to 4 bits One byte is equal to 8 bits One kilobyte is same to 1024 bytes One Megabyte amounts to 1024 Kb or 1048576 bytes.

From the over description of units and values, that is plainly shown that Megabytes i.e. MB is always bigger 보다 Kilobyte i.e. Kb.

Which is enlarge Kb or Mb?

Which is bigger? Kb or Mb, The answer is so simple. Basic math is now shown below to finish the ideal answer to this concern without anyone’s help.

1 kb = 100010 and 10242 bytes whereas

1 Mb = 100010 and also 10242 Kilobytes

It is proven the Kilobytes > Bytes. So, MB is bigger 보다 KB.

What"s larger Mb or Kb?

It is theoretically proven the MB is constantly greater or bigger than KB. Simply think logically to know the reality behind it.

1 KB = 1000 Bytes in basic 10 and 1024 bytes in basic 2

1 MB= 1000 Kilobytes in base 10 and also 1024 kilobytes in base 2

And because that one Mb = 106 bytes v a prefix that Mega.

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If you desire to find bytes for 1 Mb, take it a look in ~ this

1 Mb = 1000 Kb = 1000*1000 = 1000000 = 106 bytes in decimal

From this, we can conclude the Mb is bigger than Kb.

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