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Hank is a solid and sturdy baby surname for boys. Compatible in any kind of context, Hank has actually a colloquial charm that renders it a irreversible fixture in popular culture. Hank Dearborn is the titular protagonist the the classic television collection Hank, and also Hank Henshaw is a personality in the DC Comics universe. Keep analysis to learn more about this name.

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Meaning that the surname Hank:

German: residence ruler, estate ruler

Origin the the name Hank:

Hank is a diminutive the the name Henry. An initial popularized in the mid-20th century, Hank is a cognate of the dutch nickname Henk. The ancestral name Henry derives native the Germanic elements heim (meaning “home”) and also ric (meaning “ruler”). In addition, the alternate spelling of Haganrich (with hagan definition “estate” and also ric definition “rule”) helped create nicknames like Harry and also Hank.

Symbolism of the name Hank:

Hank derives native the Old High German surname Haganrich (an alternate spelling of Heimirich). It was a nickname for Henry that parents now use together a standalone name. The German root hagan was the word for “pasture” or “enclosure,” and Haganrich is a installation title because that the mr of the estate. Signs of estate ascendancy include the hedge, moat, and vassal.


Style that the surname Hank:


Gender of the surname Hank:

Hank is a boy"s name.

Pronunciation that the name Hank:


Number of rate in the surname Hank:


Emotion evoked native the surname Hank:

The name Hank evokes feel of robustness and reliability.

Alternative spellings because that the name Hank:


Nicknames because that the surname Hank:


Popularity the the surname Hank:

According come the society Security management index, Hank to be the 482nd most well-known baby surname for boys in 2020.

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Related names because that the surname Hank:


Great center names for Hank and also their meanings:

Clyde (cleansing, warm, friendly)Derick (ruler that the people)Idris (lord, prince, prophet)Wayne (wagon maker)

Famous world with the surname Hank:

Hank in well-known culture:

Hank Dearborn (titular protagonist that the television series Hank)Hank Rearden (protagonist of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand)Hank Schrader (character in the television collection Breaking Bad)

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