On June 25, 1908 when the corner stone for the southern Dakota State Capitol was laid, governor Coe Crawford claimed in his address: "The brand-new capitol will do more than comfortable accommodate the policemans who space to labor within its walls for the civilization whom they will certainly serve. It will stand throughout the coming years as an expression that beauty and also art, and also as the people come and also go and linger in ~ its walls, lock will view in it an expression that the soul of the state."

June 30, 2010 significant the 100th anniversary that the officially dedication the the south Dakota State Capitol in Pierre. 3 special events were organized to identify this crucial milestone in our state"s history. The 2010 time capsule was inserted in a locked glass display situation immediately adjacent to the front doors the the Capitol wherein it have the right to be viewed by the public.

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Capitol security Checkpoint

The security of the Capitol and the people who use it is our top priority. Our goal is for it come remain open up and obtainable to the public while proactively ensuring all who enter have a safe and positive experience. Capitol tourists will go into through the north doors and be directed into the defense Office. Signage will help direct tourists what come do and inform castle of what items room not allowed in the Capitol.

2021Capitol access Pass registration Form

Frequently inquiry Questions

Carrying a covert Pistol in the Capitol

Effective July 1, 2019, people with south Dakota magnified concealed lug permits wishing to bring a hidden pistol in the State Capitol may do so only after 24 hours advance an alert to Capitol protection personnel.This notice must incorporate the day or variety of days during i beg your pardon the individual intends to carry a hidden pistol in the Capitol. The variety of dates numerous not exceed 30 continually days. The an alert may it is in renewed by the individual as necessary and also without limit. No concealed pistols are permitted in the Governor"s an individual office or in the can be fried Court Chamber. To notify Capitol protection of your will to bring a covert pistol in theCapitol, please call (605) 280-4715 or visit the Capitol protection Office ~ above the an initial floor of the Capitol.

Using the State Capitol and also Grounds for distinct Events

In addition to hosting a range of unique State events, the Capitol and also surrouding grounds are also easily accessible for personal events. Some constraints apply. For complete guidelines and procedures, visit the attach below:

The People"s home Exhibit

This remarkable exhibit chronicle the first 100 years of the State Capitol was shown at the south Dakota social Heritage center through December 12, 2011. For a preview that the exhibit, click below.

The Fight because that the south Dakota State Capitol

While Pierre ultimately won the right to serve as southern Dakota"s capitol city, the vain for that honor was fierce v cities prefer Huron, Mitchell, Sioux Falls, and also Watertown battling because that the recognition. Get an inside look in ~ the fight and also the can be fried victory with this informative exhibit from the south Dakota cultural Heritage Center.

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Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea

Our Statehouse: A Capitol Idea: This entertaining and educational television special from south Dakota windy Broadcasting highlights the history of the State Capitol indigenous the development of the Dakota territory through every phase that the construction and restoration that the structure itself and also details some of the historic events that have taken place within the walls. A must-see for background and architecture buffs along with all southern Dakotans interested in the story that "Our Statehouse".

South Dakota publicly Broadcasting supplies a teacher"s guide, videos, scavenger hunts, photos, lesson plans, and also much more for the south Dakota State Capitol. Our thanks to benidormclubdeportivo.orgPB because that sharing this info with the State Capitol tour Office!