Unless you space a true “techie”, advancements in the civilization of an innovation come at a cost. The course, it’s always nice come have new tools and also functionality that enable you to carry out things you couldn’t in the past. However, the downside is the sometimes modern technology changes therefore fast, it’s challenging to save up. That is certainly the instance when deciding even if it is to transform to an MP3 or MP4 file.

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Many human being make the wrong of assuming the “bigger is constantly better”. For example, as soon as a brand-new iPhone comes out, you assume that the iphone phone 5 is a much better version the the iphone phone 4. However, that exact same logic might get girlfriend in trouble once you room deciding even if it is to convert to an MP3 or MP4 file. The problem is the an MP4 document is NOT just a bigger, better version of one MP3 file.

The Differences in between MP3 and MP4

In order to decide between converting come an MP3 or MP4 file, girlfriend must have actually a better understanding of each type of file.


The MP3 document format has actually been the standard for music files for rather some time. The actual name of one MP3 record is MPEG-1 Audio great 3. Audio files are typically an extremely large, and also an MP3 paper compresses the size. That does this with a procedure called “loss”. It supplies a psychoacoustic version to eliminate some that the data from the initial audio file that world don’t in reality hear. A usual MP3 paper is usually about 1/11th the size of the initial audio file.


An MP4 record (MPEG-4 component 14) is a “container” format. That method that instead of storing the code for the file, it shop the data. One large benefit that this difference is that an MP4 document can it is in streamed online.

However, because of the container format, there is no a standard method to manage the coding the the file. This method the particular codec will certainly determine exactly how the paper will it is in coded and even compressed.

Why are You Converting your Audio File

There are clear differences in between the two types of files. One MP3 paper can only store audio files. An MP4 document can additionally store video clip files and also even has actually the ability to include subtitles. An MP4 likewise has the capacity to store records that have actually been compressed via different methods.

A machine made come play MP4 papers can sometimes, however not always, play an MP3, but a an equipment that just plays an MP3 can never pat an MP4.

Should You transform to an MP3 or MP4?

You will require to carefully consider the reason for your document conversion come answer this question. If you space converting your document in stimulate to send it come a website online, the prize is established by what form of paper they accept.

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If you are converting your audio papers for your very own reasons, the will likely be established by your own personal needs (device, storage, etc).

Regardless of which choice you choose, the alters to technology, devices, etc will likely adjust at some point. What you require “today” i will not ~ be the exact same thing you require “tomorrow”. Since of that, friend should have a complimentary and basic online record converter link ready and also waiting. That way, as soon as you’re demands change, you will certainly be prepared to readjust with them!