If you have actually never had actually a Slush from Sonic Drive-In, you don"t know what you"re missing. The Sonic Slush is do from flavored syrup combined with crushed ice, and also the an outcome is a sweet, refreshing, and also (obviously) slushy concoction loved by world all throughout the country. The Slush come in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and the ginormous course 44, which, as you most likely guessed, is a 44-ouncer. As delicious as the Sonic Slush may be, they are served in a Styrofoam cup through a big, plastic spoon-straw, so if being eco-friendly is essential to you, it can not it is in your first choice of beverage. 

When take it your very first glance in ~ the Sonic menu, it"s basic to become overwhelmed through the sheer number of options in front of you. Prior to you rush on end to her nearest Sonic Drive-In come order a Slush, there room a couple of things you"ll desire to know. Indigenous the flavor girlfriend should certainly avoid to how to score half price deals on her drinks, here"s the lowdown ~ above all points Slush.

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If you"re trying to find a sugar-free Slush option, we"ve got poor news because that you: all Sonic Slushes contain sugar due to the fact that the base itself consists of sugar and also ice. This means even without any add-ins or toppings, your Slush will pack a really sweet punch. In fact, a small, plain Slush contains 48 grams that sugar and 180 calories. Bump the all the means up come a course 44 and also it"s 145 grams that sugar and 540 calories. 

Unfortunately, some human being don"t realize the the base itself has actually sugar in it, despite that info is certainly printed on your menu. In some instances, Sonic staff don"t also seem to know about the sugar-laden base, follow to a Reddit thread on the topic. So if you"re watching her sugar intake, don"t think the ordering a Diet Coke Sonic Slush method you"ll be preventing sugar altogether. You aren"t. And they are definitely not keto- or diabetic-friendly, either. Given the high amounts of sugar, Slushes should probably be an sometimes indulgence quite than a everyday treat. 

Sonic Slushes may have actually quite a bit of street in them, but fortunately every one of the standard flavors on the Sonic food selection are gluten-free. This is vital information come those diagnosed through celiac an illness or civilization dealing with gluten intolerance. Even though the simple Slushes don"t save gluten, you should be mindful if friend start adding in unusual syrups and also toppings, or if special edition Slushes containing various ingredients are released. 

Sonic has actually conveniently published a record where girlfriend can discover out all around their gluten-free food selection options, as well as other feasible allergy considerations for everything on the menu. Note that the allergen info does plainly state: "Blended/mixed drinks and also frozen desserts may come in call with milk, egg, soy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, pecans, and also tree nuts." So, if girlfriend do have a significant gluten allergy, you can still want to it is in careful around what friend order.

Beginning in 2014, Sonic Slushes got even sweeter v the arrival of liquid add-ins. Nerds room the traditional candy obtainable as the 2019, however, various other candies have actually been easily accessible in current years. We"ve seen everything from Jolly Ranchers to popping liquid to rainbow candy in Sonic Slushes.

So what flavor Slush is finest with Nerds? some recommend acquiring a blue raspberry Slush v Nerds. According to Brand Eating, the Nerds include some crunch, in addition to some extra sweetness and a tiny bit that tartness come the currently sweet fruity flavor. As expected, the flavor of the candy in the Slush gets more powerful as it dissolves, amplifying the tangy sweetness also more. Others suggest trying Nerds in the green apple Slush for a update flavor with an interesting, crunchy twist. 

If you"re trying to find an extra sugary enhancement to an already sweet Slush, then you can"t walk wrong through the Nerds add-ins. Hopefully they"re ~ above the Sonic menu for year to come.

Half-price happy hour is among the finest things about Sonic Drive-In. Every day in between 2:00 and also 4:00 p.m., Slushes and also drinks room all half price — even the path 44 size. However, if girlfriend download and order front from the Sonic app, you can gain the half-price discount anytime. 

Half-price Slushes room a huge benefit for families. You deserve to order a big or course 44, and then split it up among the children for a cheap, sweet treat. In addition to obtaining the happy hour price anytime, the app also offers monthly rewards. Sometimes, it"s a totally free drink or Slush. Various other times, you might have the ability to get far-reaching discounts on various menu items. In addition to your app, be certain to inspect out the deal section on the Sonic website. Here, you"ll find information about other limited time supplies such as family night specials or half-price ice cream cream during details hours the the day.

You could only view a pair dozen or therefore Slush flavors on the Sonic menu at any given time, but the flavor combinations are almost endless. You have the right to mix flavors, include soda, height it v candy, get a frozen iced tea, and so on. 

Sonic commercials in the past have touted its 168,894 drink possibilities, yet there are different ways come compute those combination numbers, and also at the end of the day you"re feather at well over fifty percent a million drink or Slush combinations. Considering you can order any liquid from Sonic over their Slush base, friend can call just around anything a Slush. Let"s just say you have actually plenty the options. 

Sonic likewise advertises special, momentary Slush spices at various times the the year. For the summer the 2019, they rolled the end a Red Bull Slushes for a restricted time only. In 2018, a Pickle Juice Slush was an option, though it to be met with blended reviews. Store an eye on the menu and those renowned Sonic advertisement to view what"s comes next.

If girlfriend can"t decide what Slush flavor you want, mix a pair of lock up. If you can"t decision on a couple, then you do what YouTuber JagotiENT did back in 2016 and order every Slush smell on the food selection mixed into one Slush. Us all recognize from art course as a kid that if you mix every the colors with each other you"ll acquire disgusting brown hue or just plain black. And also that"s usually what happened to Jagoti. 

He rolled up to Sonic and also asked for a combination of all the Slush seasonings on the food selection at the time, which he later clarified contained cherry, vanilla, cranberry, chocolate, watermelon, grape, orange, Powerade, blue coconut, eco-friendly apple, blue raspberry, diet cherry, peach, raspberry, blackberry, and also mango. He additionally got all the real fruit add-ins, as well — lemon, strawberry, lime, lemonberry, and also pineapple. The result green-black concoction didn"t every fit in the cup (he was provided the extra Slush ~ above the side) and the price was just over 6 bucks. So exactly how did that taste? His very first reaction as soon as he took a sip was, "Whoa!" the went ~ above to contact the mixture "pretty good." after ~ swirling the around, Jagoti offered it a more enthusiastic "good!" compare it to a Jolly Rancher or mystery Airhead candy.

Everyone likes chocolate, right? In a Sonic Slush, maybe not for this reason much. Yes, you deserve to order a cacao Slush, or include chocolate to one more Slush flavor. Yet according come those in the know, this idea need to not be high on her list of points to do. 

A Sonic worker who took component in a Reddit AMA was inquiry what food selection items customers need to avoid. That replied, "When who orders one of two people a cacao Slush, or a jalapeño chocolate shake, I always look under on lock a bit, no going come lie!" and also a writer for Marshal Hunter"s variety Blog describes his endure with the chocolate Slush this way: "Words space utterly insufficient to express how much i disliked it. The vile aftertaste quiet lingers come this day." As further evidence, you"ll discover a bunch of favourite Sonic Slush flavor list on the internet, and we challenge you come spot cacao on any kind of of them. If you desire chocolate, have a shake.

Many Sonic Slushes are perfect for mixing with booze. The ever-popular Cherry Limeade Slush merged with vodka is a an excellent choice. And by that very same token, the cranberry Slush mixes well through vodka, too. Some people recommend the s Water Slush (a tangy, blue coconut flavor) through rum, and also still rather tout a frozen lime fruit Slush mixed with tequila, which is basically tantamount to a frozen margarita. V the Red Bull Slush on the summer 2019 menu, you have even much more slushy cocktail possibilities. Following time you view a soccer mother sipping a Slush native a Styrofoam Sonic cup during a lengthy day the games, understand something a tiny extra might be in that cup. 

As delicious as most Sonic Slushes room when blended with booze, though, not all of them make tasty frozen cocktails. One writer at The Manual tried adding liquor to 2018"s Pickle Juice Slush. First whiskey, climate vodka, then spicy Ancho Reyes Verde liqueur. In the end, he determined none that the slushy pickle cocktails were really any good.

Sonic places exist in 45 states, therefore if girlfriend are road tripping just around anywhere, you have the right to drive in and get you yourself a Slush. The very first Sonic Drive-In was opened in Oklahoma in the 1950s, however that state doesn"t have the most franchises (as the 2019). Texas reigns supreme with 972 Sonic locations and Oklahoma is in a distant second place with just 280. The just states in the U.S. Where you cannot find Sonic and its icy Slush goodness are Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, new Hampshire, and also Vermont. 

Fortunately for Alaska, the won"t constantly be the case. By the end of 2019, Sonic is opened a location in Wasilla, Alaska – house of buy it Palin. Sonic is an alleged to be coming to Hawaii, too. Reportedly, firm officials have actually been speak that because 2016, but as the July 2019, no Hawaii locations have been opened as that yet. 

If you have actually never been been to a Sonic Drive-In, you might not realize that skating carhops tho exist. Carhops at many Sonic locations bring your Slushes and other food and also drinks to the automobile while ~ above roller skates or rollerblades. You"ll be amazed just how much castle can lug on a tray when on skates. Once you are done eating, you can summon the carhop to come back and dispose of your trash, too. Another small known fact: Carhops can get you refills ~ above drinks at plenty of Sonic locations for 50 cents. However, some locations will even give girlfriend Slush refills at the price, if it"s a slow-moving time and you questioning nicely. It"s worth a shot!

Skating carhops must complete Sonic"s skating training program before they begin skating in ~ work, and the carhops also have to buy their very own skates, therefore that might be why friend don"t view them skating in ~ every location. 

Some Sonic Drive-In locations have playgrounds adjacent to the premises, which are suitable for kids and adults together well. Other locations have sport courts and also other cool amenities. So, girlfriend don"t need to just journey in, obtain your Slush, and leave. Girlfriend can lug some friends and hangout a while. 

At Sonic"s Haltom City ar in the Dallas-Fort worth area, you"ll uncover a large, funny playground and also even a sand volleyball court. Meanwhile, this little Rock, Arkansas, location has actually a coast volleyball court, playground, and really nice picnic area, too. And also this Sonic location in Pearl, Mississippi, has a large playground and also batting cages because that the entirety family. Parents can kick earlier in their cars and also keep an eye on the kids, or join in ~ above the fun. Because Sonic franchises have various owners all over the country, the form of playgrounds and other accessible activities vary drastically by location.

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You may have heard that a variety of Sonic places in Florida were referred to as Sonic Beach instead of Sonic Drive-In. The Sonic Beach areas sold the typical Sonic food including their delicious Slushes, and beer and wine. Despite it seemed a great idea to have actually a ar where people could relax on the sand in ~ the manmade Sonic Beaches with a Sonic Slush or beer in hand, the whole project reportedly didn"t occupational out. 

Our research shows that all of the Sonic beach locations have been either shut down or converted earlier to Sonic Drive-Ins. Also the Sonic coast website is not longer functional. It"s sad they decided to litter in the towel, but maybe people were exhausted of acquiring sand in their Slushes. In ~ this point, if you carry out want come sit on the sand through a Sonic Slush, you"ll have to gain it to go and also head come a genuine beach.