ns am trying to find a word that describes a collection of short stories the are released either in a solitary book or under the same series name. They will all have actually been released by the exact same author.

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I have actually been operation under the pretense that words was non sequitur (much prefer the comic) however have found that this is wrong.

I am not reasoning of one anthology. Similarly, florilegium is too complex/obscure for what ns am feather for.

Update to provide an ext context: The stories might or might not have any kind of connection to every other, however were always meant come be published together. As soon as I think of an "anthology" I get the feeling that the stories were released a separate time and also compiled later.

I to be looking to ask the author some concerns to view if there there is over-arching connection that i may have missed...

Are the stories in this publication insert word ns am feather for, or are they in reality connected?

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A word that would fit in your sentence, and imply the the stores space not related, is indepedent.

Are the stories in this book independent, or room they a connected series?

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After revisiting this question and also the comments given. I chose to use;


1 - A repertoire of concise however detailed information about a specific subject, specifically in a publication or other publication. 1.1 - A collection or collection of similar items.
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A Raymond Chandler collection of five books in one was called an omnibus, https://www.amazon.com/Raymond-Chandler-Omnibus-Farewell-Lovely/dp/B001UZIJFC/. Here"s one more story collection dubbed an omnibus, yet by different authors https://www.amazon.com/Great-Books-Foundation-Short-Omnibus/dp/1880323737.

Merriam-Webster, omnibus: "a publication containing reprints of a variety of works (as that a single author or ~ above a single subject)"

The word to be picked up by Ken Jennings for his podcast, https://www.omnibusproject.com, v the subtitle "An encyclopedic referral of strange-but-true stories compiled together a time capsule because that future generations."

If you find for "omnibus" at your regional library, you"ll view a lot of story collections.

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