\< 1.625 = 1 \frac58 \>Showing the workRewrite the decimal number together a portion with 1 in the denominator\< 1.625 = \frac1.6251 \>Multiply to eliminate 3 decimal places. Here, you main point top and bottom through 103 = 1000\< \frac1.6251\times \frac10001000= \frac16251000 \>Find the Greatest typical Factor (GCF) the 1625 and also 1000, if that exists, and reduce the fraction by splitting both numerator and also denominator through GCF = 125,\< \frac1625 \div 1251000 \div 125= \frac138 \>Simplify the improper fraction,\< = 1 \frac58 \>In conclusion,\< 1.625 = 1 \frac58 \>

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Calculator Use

This calculator converts a decimal number to a fraction or a decimal number come a blended number. Because that repeating decimals go into how plenty of decimal locations in your decimal number repeat.

Entering Repeating Decimals

How to convert a negative Decimal come a Fraction

eliminate the an unfavorable sign native the decimal number perform the conversion on the confident value use the negative sign come the fraction answer

If a = b then it is true that -a = -b.

How to transform a Decimal to a Fraction

action 1: do a fraction with the decimal number together the molecule (top number) and a 1 together the denominator (bottom number). Step 2: eliminate the decimal places by multiplication. First, count how plenty of places are to the appropriate of the decimal. Next, provided that you have x decimal places, multiply numerator and denominator by 10x. step 3: mitigate the fraction. Discover the Greatest common Factor (GCF) the the numerator and denominator and also divide both numerator and denominator through the GCF. Step 4: simplify the remaining portion to a combined number portion if possible.

Example: convert 2.625 to a fraction

1. Rewrite the decimal number number together a fraction (over 1)

\( 2.625 = \dfrac2.6251 \)

2. Multiply numerator and also denominator by by 103 = 1000 to get rid of 3 decimal places

\( \dfrac2.6251\times \dfrac10001000= \dfrac26251000 \)

3. Find the Greatest typical Factor (GCF) that 2625 and also 1000 and reduce the fraction, separating both numerator and denominator by GCF = 125

Decimal to fraction For another example, transform 0.625 come a fraction. Multiply 0.625/1 by 1000/1000 to get 625/1000. Reducing we get 5/8.

Convert a Repeating Decimal come a Fraction

create an equation such the x equals the decimal number. Counting the variety of decimal places, y. Create a second equation multiply both political parties of the an initial equation through 10y. Subtract the second equation native the an initial equation. Fix for x reduce the fraction.

Example: transform repeating decimal 2.666 to a fraction

1. Develop an equation such the x equals the decimal number Equation 1:

2. Count the variety of decimal places, y. There room 3 number in the repeating decimal group, therefore y = 3. Ceate a second equation by multiplying both political parties of the very first equation by 103 = 1000 Equation 2:

5. Reduce the fraction. Discover the Greatest common Factor (GCF) of 2664 and 999 and reduce the fraction, dividing both numerator and also denominator by GCF = 333

Repeating Decimal to portion For an additional example, convert repeating decimal 0.333 come a fraction. produce the an initial equation v x equal to the repeating decimal number: x = 0.333 There room 3 repeating decimals. Create the 2nd equation by multiplying both political parties of (1) through 103 = 1000: 1000X = 333.333 (2) Subtract equation (1) native (2) to gain 999x = 333 and also solve because that x x = 333/999 reducing the portion we obtain x = 1/3 Answer: x = 0.333 = 1/3

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