The Iliad through Homer is an epos poem focused on the wrath that the personality Achilles. This wrath guided Achilles to it is in a an excellent warrior for the Greeks during the Trojan War, yet this wrath additionally extended right into his relationships v his fellow Greeks and also Trojan enemies. The greatest instance of the nature of his wrath showed up when Achilles to be presented on 2 occasions v the ability to respond come requests made by his very own Greek King, Agamemnon, and also the Trojan King, Priam. Achilles responded fairly oppositely to these requests due to the fact that Agamemnon cursed several key mistakes that brought about Achilles to refuse his request, however Priam committed several key acts that allowed him come be successful in transcending the wrath the Achilles.In bespeak to recognize the factors that King Priam prospered in his inquiry to Achilles, that is an important to examine why Agamemnon was no able to attain the exact same success. The most apparent reason why Agamemnon fail was due to the fact that he sent delegation to current his request. Quite than walk himself, Agamemnon sent Odysseus, Ajax, and Phoenix. Achilles invited these representatives into his home and proclaimed, “Even in mine anger, of all Achaeans, you are the closest” (9.240-241). Though these were obviously good friends the Achilles and he might not have responded positive to Agamemnon, it proved a absence of respect because that Achilles, and also Achilles known this. “He would certainly not look at me in the eye, dog that he is! I will not share one word of counsel with him, nor will certainly I act with him” (9.455-456). Agamemnon to be making a tremendous request the Achilles come fight after gift betrayed through his very own country, and considering the seriousness that the request and the feasible outcome the the war, the was an essential that Agamemnon, the command of the Greeks, personally present this request. As such blatant arrogance, Achilles refused to give Agamemnon’s request.Also, Agamemnon’s request was rejected since there were selfish engine behind his request. It was not until the Greeks started losing that Agamemnon even taken into consideration humbling himself to technique Achilles, and it was then only after the persistent advice of his countrymen. Lock told Agamemnon to “contrive some method of making tranquility with him by familiar gifts and also affectionate words” (9.134-135). Agamemnon verified no signs of true remorse and also arrogantly believed that Achilles would certainly honor his request simply due to the fact that he to be the king. “So allow Achilles bow come me, since I hold higher rank and claim the precedence that age” (9.194-196). Agamemnon was not seeking to gain back the friendship he had lost by selfishly steal Achilles’ war bride; he just wanted to conserve himself from certain defeat in ~ the hands of the Trojans. That knew the the only means to overcome the Trojans to be to have the unmatched strength and reputation of Achilles and selfishly asked for that Achilles join the war without admitting come Achilles that his actions to be wrong. Because of Agamemnon’s selfish motives, that was obvious to Achilles that he might gain nothing by succumbing to Agamemnon’s request. Automatically after Achilles’ battle bride to be taken, that proclaimed, “I swear a day will come when every Achaean soldier will groan to have Achilles back. That day friend shall no more prevail ~ above me 보다 this dry timber shall grow – moved though girlfriend are, and also though a thousand men perish before the killer, Hektor” (1.283-289). Achilles would have actually shed honor by break this emotionally vow to never fight for Agamemnon since he knew the rejoining the war would only cause him to show up weak come his fellow warriors. Instead, Achilles made decision to retain his respect by not permitting Agamemnon to it is in successful.Agamemnon was additionally unsuccessful because of his way of attempting to restore Achilles together a warrior. Agamemnon had the audacity to bribe a good warrior by providing him such things as gold, horses, and women. Every one of these were items the Achilles might easily acquire by his very own power. “His presents I abominate, and also I would offer not one dried shuck because that him” (9.470-471). Agamemnon additionally foolishly offered one of his very own daughters together a bride to Achilles. Agamemnon was apparently not thinking around the consequences of this arrangement because if Achilles had embraced such an offer, he would have come to be Agamemnon’s son-in-law. “The daughter the Agamemnon, child of Atreus, I will certainly not take it in marriage. Let she be as beautiful as pale-gold Aphrodite, professional as Athena that the sea-grey eyes. I will certainly not have her at any type of price” (9.474-478). Achilles would never ever desire to be related to a man who had just severely damaged his pride. Agamemnon, however, failure to see this and offered a multitude of gifts to guide Achilles to sign up with the war, but this bribery resulted in him to be unsuccessful. Also, the nature of the wrong the Agamemnon committed against Achilles severely damaged his possibilities of obtaining favor v Achilles. Not just did Agamemnon stealing Achilles’ beloved war bride, he additionally damaged Achilles’ pride by cheating that of his kleos. Because that this reason, Achilles had actually a personal battle through Agamemnon, and also rejoining the battle would represent defeat for Achilles. “Give in come Agamemnon? i think not, no to him nor to the rest” (9.385-386). Achilles was certainly determined to deny Agamemnon the satisfaction that a an individual victory over together a great warrior. Though Achilles decided to eliminate himself indigenous the war, the was required to perform so through Agamemnon due to the fact that he witnessed no other method to protect his great pride. Achilles had details kleos awaiting that if he battled in the Trojan War, however he felt that he was denied this possibility by his own king who was merely saving his own honor ~ being required to return Chryseis to she father. Therefore, Agamemnon showed his an excellent pride by thefts Achilles’ war bride and, an ext importantly, his honor and specific glory.Just as there are unique reasons because that the fail Agamemnon’s request, over there are distinctive reasons because that the success the King Priam’s request. Many obviously, the fact that Priam walk personally to confront Achilles enabled him to be successful. “Priam, the an excellent king that Troy, happen by the others, knelt down, absorbed his arms Achilles’ knees, and kissed the hand of the wrath that eliminated his sons” (24.570-573). Through this solitary act, King Priam showed great respect, and the great warrior known the magnitude of this act. This to be a man who was mourning his son but still uncovered the toughness to kiss the very hands the murdered his son. Also, both Achilles and Priam common the usual bond that grief because both of these men were spend by solid emotions. “Then both were overborne as they remembered; the old king huddled in ~ Achilles’ feet wept, and wept for Hektor, killer the men, while an excellent Achilles wept because that his own father together for Patroklos once again; and also sobbing filled the room” (24.612-617). While Achilles mourned Patroklos and remembered his very own father, Priam mourned Hektor, his son. This is very interesting due to the fact that Achilles only eliminated Hektor since Hektor killed Patroklos, Achilles’ the next friend. Achilles was ultimately able come see beyond his wrath due to the fact that of his grief and also sympathize v the experiencing king. Additionally, Priam had the ability to capitalize on the truth that he represented a father figure to Achilles due to the fact that of his period and an excellent respect. “Remember your very own father, Achilles, in your godlike youth: his years choose mine room many, and also he stands ~ above the fear doorstep of old age” (24.581-584). Priam commanded Achilles to think about his very own father so that he might draw similarities. This similarities ended, however, when Priam commanded Achilles come realize that his father still had a life son. “Ah, yet he might nonetheless hear news of girlfriend alive, and also so with glad love hope v all his days because that the vision of his too ~ son, come ago from Troy, while I have actually deathly fortune” (24.587-591). This statement enabled a an excellent warrior who was a boy to determine with a king that was the father of a great warrior. Achilles was also an ext responsive to Priam due to the fact that Priam had committed no wrong against Achilles. Though Priam to be the king the the Trojans, Achilles’ sworn enemy, he had actually not offended Achilles prefer Agamemnon had. Achilles had actually no personal battle v Priam because this king came with pure motives. Priam said, “It is because that that I have come amongst these ships, to beg him ago from you, and also I lug ransom there is no stint” (24.600-602). The reason Priam faced Achilles to be to merely retrieve the human body of his dead son. Priam go not seek revenge even though Achilles to be the one who murdered his son and also desecrated the body, and also Achilles took notification of this unselfish act come the suggest of approving the an excellent king the time he want to mourn Hektor. That is also important to notice that a significant contributing variable to Priam’s success was the duty of the gods. Zeus commanded, “In are afraid of me, let the relent and give ago Hektor’s body” (24.140-141). Zeus also noted a Wayfinder that was to “bring throughout the lines right into the an extremely presence of Achilles” (24.183-184). The was just through the duty of the gods that this exchange between Priam and Achilles even occurred, however Achilles was no a puppet for the gods since he still had actually the cost-free will to choose whether or not to approve the request of Priam. Achilles likewise knew the he was managing a higher power through desecrating the human body of a dead man. Despite Zeus commanded Achilles to return the body, it was at some point Achilles’ decision due to the fact that of the manner in i m sorry Priam approached Achilles.In all, Achilles was given two methods in which he had to select either expropriate or deny requests offered by males of distinctive honor. He refuse the request of his very own king to rejoin the war to aid save the Greeks from sure defeat however granted the request of the foe king come return the human body of his collapse son. Achilles walk so because of certain actions each soaked up their methods of negotiation. Achilles just wanted who to come to him personally and make a request to a warrior of great honor. Priam efficiently met these requirements, but Agamemnon failed because of his arrogance and pride. Together a result, Achilles denied Agamemnon, and Priam to be able to offer his child a appropriate burial. Functions CitedHomer. “The Iliad.” Western literature in a people Context: The ancient World v the Renaissance. Ed. Paul Davis et al. Vol 1. New York: St.

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