Redbox is a movie and video game rental business that offers kiosk devices in places such together supermarkets, convenience stores, and also pharmacies. If you have actually lost the situation for her rental, you can buy a replacement case at any Redbox kiosk. The price that a replacement instance is the very same as a 1-day rental in your area. If you are unable to buy a replacement case from a kiosk, call Redbox"s customer support to aid resolve the issue.

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Redbox is a movie and video game rental company that mostly uses kiosk machines found in places such together supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies. Redbox has a movie streaming communication that can be discovered on Redbox"s website. When renting a movie through Redbox, friend will obtain the film in a situation that it s okay tracked with the machine. If you have actually lost the movie instance from her rental v Redbox, you will certainly not be able to return it into the maker without the case included. In this guide, friend will find out what to execute if you have actually lost the movie case from your Redbox rental.

Buying a Replacement situation from RedBox

If you have actually lost the movie situation from her RedBox rental, girlfriend can conveniently receive a replacement case from any of the Redbox kiosks.

Visit a Redbox kiosk in any location.Scroll with the DVD rental list till you with the end of the perform Tap the choice that states "Replacement Case" once you have actually scrolled down to the bottom that the listYou will be topic to pay a fee that is the price of a DVD 1-day rental with RedboxOnce you have received her replacement case with RedBox, location your key in the case and return it come the Redbox kiosk.

If friend have adhered to these steps, you can quickly receive a replacement case and return her movie disc there is no receiving a so late fee. In part cases, the Redbox an equipment may have run the end of replacement cases. If another Redbox kiosk is nearby, you can uncover a replacement instance in most situations. In a rare scenario, you could not find a instead of case. Friend can call Redbox"s customer service.

Contacting Redbox customer Support

Redbox Customer assistance Phone Number

The quickest way to deal with the trouble with her rental"s movie case is by contacting Redbox top top the phone. You can quickly describe the concern you room experiencing and also what procedures you should take come return the movie. Before making the speak to gather info such as the payment technique you provided when renting the movie, this can enable the Redbox customer assistance representative to find your rental and aid you prevent late fees.

Redbox Live Chat

Another option to call Redbox around a difficulty with returning the movie is using their live chat feature on the Redbox website. Girlfriend will quickly be moved to the best representative to assist solve her replaceable case problem.


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