Former QVC organize Lisa Mason has flitted ago and forth several home shopping networks due to the fact that leaving the Q a few years back.

She did a jewelry line for JTV. She repped a product, a this whitener, together we recall, for QVC.

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Now she’s supposedly heading earlier to QVC.

Mason posted on on facebook that as Dorothy said in “The sorcerer’s of Oz,” there’s no location like home. She claimed she will certainly be ~ above QVC next Tuesday because that “Big Bonanza,” which we assume is the channel’s large silver sale.

In her article Mason mentioned that she wedding ring will be back at the same price the was during her critical QVC show, which was in 2010. We remember the item, a floral layout ring.

When Mason left QVC her beloved husband Gino had cancer, and also he has since passed away. It will certainly be good to see her.

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11 Responses come “Lisa Mason Heads ago toQVC”

Linda Says:February 27, 2020 at 5:45 afternoon | reply

YUCK, fake as they come. Her religious crap drives me nuts, a lot of of good it go for her beloved….god bless

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