All right, this is insane, and also I know it. And also yet… and also yet this question haunts me. I supplied to watch “Little home on the Prairie” reruns obsessively, and I realized that ns didn’t recognize the answer come one mystery: what was the fate the Carrie Ingalls top top the show?? I know what occurred to Laura and Mary, and also I likewise remember all those other children they adopted, but when it involves Carrie, it’s together if someone wiped a sponge over my mind. PLEASE aid me v this. What the plotlines that affiliated her? wherein did she finish up? What happened???

pinkfreud august 11, 2005, 3:54am #2

I didn’t clock the display often, but here’s what taken place to the actual Carrie:

“Carrie, ~ graduating indigenous high school, worked for the local newspaper. This is whereby she learned the printing and also publishing trade. Her career as a pioneer newspaperman ultimately extended to numerous papers in western south Dakota. Carrie make the efforts homesteading and proved come be effective as she proved up she claim. She met and married David Swanzey in 1912 in Keystone, south Dakota. David to be a widower with two small children. Carrie helped to progressive his children yet they never had kids of their own. Carrie died in 1946 at the period of 76 and also is buried in the De Smet cemetery.”

yellowval respectable 11, 2005, 1:05pm #3

The reason you can’t remember is probably because Carrie’s character acquired the obelisk on the show. Very first they included Albert, climate Cassandra and James, and also Carrie was all but forgotten in the story lines. She could have remained in a scene, but had very few lines and also never really had actually stories of her own as she gained older.

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As pinkfreud already noted, Carrie to be actually rather a successful writer herself. In fact, she to be successful prior to her sisters was.

DrFidelius respectable 11, 2005, 1:27pm #4

Well over there was that unfortunate event at the Prom…

Anise august 12, 2005, 3:12am #5

Obviously, the was just how Carrie gained revenge for being created out of the show.


That would explain it, though… why I have no storage of what taken place to she in the TV version. Poor, poor Carrie. Luckily, it sounds like the genuine Carrie Ingalls had actually a much an ext interesting life-- to it is in honest, it sounds far better than the method Laura’s life turned out.

Sampiro august 12, 2005, 3:48am #6

Obviously, the was just how Carrie got revenge because that being composed out that the show.


I don’t think it was revenge so much. This to be the American frontier- you were bound to get pig blood on girlfriend sooner or later.

Sampiro august 12, 2005, 3:51am #7

Obviously, the was exactly how Carrie obtained revenge because that being written out the the show.


I nothing think it to be revenge so lot as happen-so. This to be the American frontier- you to be bound to get pig blood on you sooner or later.

FriarTed august 12, 2005, 3:51am #8

You’d think the Ingalls genetics would have actually thrived. Alas, castle all appeared to have played the end the line when Rose Wilder Lane passed away w/o children.

C_K_Dexter_Haven respectable 12, 2005, 11:23am #9

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McKay august 17, 2018, 11:34pm #10

Does anyone else remember being told the baby Carrie component was played by pair boys?

Annie-Xmas august 18, 2018, 2:02pm #11

You’d think the Ingalls genetics would have thrived. Alas, castle all appeared to have played the end the line as soon as Rose Wilder Lane passed away w/o children.

Yes, increased Wilder Lane’s only child was a kid who to be either a late miscarriage, a stillborn, or who died shortly after birth.

However, one of her father’s brothers married among her mother’s sisters, and also one of her father’s sister married among her mother’s brothers, and also both marriages have actually living descendants.

Arkcon respectable 18, 2018, 2:53pm #12

So what taken place to baby Grace? I only read the an initial novel, and I watched the show for lot of that is run, till I realized, around age 12, that i wasn’t watching a historical drama, however instead a nighttime soap opera. Yeah, ns feel dumb … now.

What wake up to castle is what constantly happens once a baby grows up. They obtain ignored. The whole point of infant Carrie and also baby elegant is for them to it is in inarticulate – its frequently referred to as “Grown Up the end of Cuteness” yet that’s no the entirety story. They’re required to provide conflict by not being able to speak. As soon as they deserve to speak, they’re co-stars, and also there’s only so lot plotline that deserve to be operated into a season.

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When baby Grace arrived, best on schedule, that was never ever as obvious. In ~ least, no until 7 of Married with kids arrived.

“Hey Ron, we wrote a buncha “new kid” jokes. However we’re not having a baby anymore. Nowwhat?”

“I’ll add a boy star, until we burn up those jokes. See if Bobcat Goldthaiwt and also Linda Blar are totally free for cameos”